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    I played Rewrite under the mindset that the MC's main motivation has been to find a place to belong, with that desire extending into each of the heroine routes. In a way, the quality of each routes' ending is a reflection of how much the MC was willing to commit himself to make a difference. He was pretty much told to keep out of trouble in Shizuru route, and he did until curiosity got the better of him. Chihaya route takes it in the other direction by allowing the MC to develop himself before taking action and that turned out much better. It's also my personal favorite heroine route. And I believe the writers wanted to make Kotori's ending poetic with the way it ended. The MC's motivation in that route was to help her fulfill her duty out of commitment, so even failing in the end doesn't change the feelings between them. He resolves to see her again with his head held high so they can let go of the past together. Rewrite might be one of those VNs where you need to look at the routes from several perspectives to full appreciate them. The genre shifts and overlapping themes can make that a bit difficult. The different writers for the routes is partially to blame for that. Lucia's is a bit of a wildcard route that doesn't fit in with the others, but it does the romance well and presents a straightforward conflict. Akane's is the darkest and gives a larger scale to the narrative. Whether or not you want to dive back in, the important thing is whether you enjoy reading it. If you feel that it's a slog, or just not your cup of tea, set it aside and read something you know you'll enjoy at this moment.
  2. Tsukishiro

    New theory about NekoNyan

    I was under the impression that they were all part of a hive mind.
  3. Tsukishiro

    Natsukumo Yururu

    That's pretty much the reason why I'm hoping a different company gets this one.
  4. Tsukishiro

    Natsukumo Yururu

    https://vndb.org/v11855 Natsukumo Yururu is a title from developer Sumikko Soft, which recently had another one of its titles, Harumade Kururu, picked up by Sekai Project. Don't be misled by the shallow vndb description or the appearances of the heroines though. Beyond the humorous and pervy slice-of-life segments of the game lay themes of depression, violence, and suicide. The story also delves into sci-fi territory with a focus on gravity manipulation and application of string theory. Also, the girls are super cute. This game takes some of the best aspects of VNs and puts it all in one package. A little teaser in the form of one of its ero-comedic sections. English captions courtesy of a buddy of mine that's currently having the time of his life reading it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q8eQdbEaWE
  5. It'll be fun watching the reactions to these changes and seeing how far the line can be pushed.
  6. Wow, nice work I suppose. I'm guessing writing refers to the quality of the (English) text during the scene and presentation refers to the placement, portrayal, and overall "quality."
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    Hi Everyone

    Nice to meet you!
  8. Tsukishiro

    August announcements!

    So AoKana was chosen after all. This was certainly a pleasant surprise. Now I wish I could skip forward in time a few months so I won't have to wait as long.
  9. Tsukishiro

    August announcements!

    Boku no mo sou da!
  10. Tsukishiro

    August announcements!

    I didn't know much about "Hello Lady!" before the announcement, but after doing a bit of investigating I think it's a title I'd consider reading. I've been hearing positive feedback about from a lot of people so I'm sure it'll do well.
  11. Tsukishiro

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    *waku waku*
  12. Not much can be done about that. Moenovel has dibs on Pulltop titles...
  13. Woah...seriously? This is great! Even if it’s Moenovel-level trash it should be enough to get fans to fix it (again). I’ll be able to scratch another fandisc off my to-read list.
  14. Over 400 names on the nomination list so far. Some of them are pretty nostalgic too. Ones with incomplete fan translations, ones I've sped through or tried texthooking, and of course, fandiscs of titles I've already read.
  15. Tsukishiro

    How weeb is your room?!

    Not nearly as weeb as I would like it to be. I live in an effectual desert where the means of attaining physical goods are extremely limited. I fear that my kind may soon go extinct in my area. I know online purchasing options exist but it's not like I own my apartment, and with all the family coming to and fro even a few hanging posters would be awkward. Once I live on my own though, I plan to splurge and live it up.