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  1. Have you ever found yourself in that situation where you watch an interesting/lovely/good/intriguing anime but the anime is too short and it's over before you even realize it? Have you ever experienced that suffering that comes from falling in love with a character who appears in a 12-episodes-long anime? And when you find out that the anime is an adaptation from a Visual Novel, how do you feel? For me, that feeling has become a personal matter. Since the first time I've watched Walkure Romanze (after a friend of mine forced- ehm, convinced me to watch it) I've fallen in love not only with a specific character (Noel *coff coff*) but also with the story. You know, you start an anime like this just because you've seen some screenshots that scream "FANSERVICE! BOOBIES!" but then you stay for the plot because it's actually nice. Who thinks about jousting nowadays, after all? But it was interesting so I stayed for the jousting. But well, let's pause for a moment and talk about serious things. What the heck am I talking about? What's Walkure Romanze? Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari is a Visual Novel developed by Ricotta in 2011 (Ricotta, the same company of Princess Lover if anyone have ever seen the anime). This Novel tells us the story of Mizuno Takahiro, a student of a particular European academy that teaches students not only the usual things but also a particular subject: jousting. You know, the knights in the Middle Ages who would compete against each other riding horses and holding lances? That thing. Takahiro is very good at this sport but for some reasons he doesn't compete anymore, at least not directly. He works as an assistant for those who want to compete. And since he is sooo very good at this job, many cute girls keep asking him for help (leaving the dream). Takahiro has a childhood friend, Kisaki Mio, who doesn't study in order to become a knight but instead studies for the same job Takahiro does. Due to some "particular" circumstances, Mio gets challenged to a duel by one of the students and is forced to fight. Takahiro then decides to help her in the competition, and this is how the story begins. So, basically we have: a main character who's very good at jousting but doesn't joust; a cute childhood friend; many cute girls; and more importantly the horses (sorry, this was a joke). Let's be frank about two important things now: first of all, I haven't read this VN. If I had, I wouldn't be pestering EVERY SINGLE company for translating this one. This means I don't know if the Novel itself is bad or good. But (and this is the second important thing I wanted to mention) I think the anime adaptation was very good. The jousting scenes were so compelling I found myself cheering on the girls and praying for their victory. The soundtracks are on my mp3 at the moment. The girls are lovely. Everybody knows that 90% of the anime adaptations are often really bad (11Eyes, just to mention one. If I were to judge the Novel from its anime, I would have never read it and I would have regret it). So... if the anime adaptation of Walkure Romanze was (in my opinion) really good by itself, how good can the original source be? If the jousting scenes were compelling in the anime, maybe in the Novel they are masterpieces. If the girls are lovely in the anime, maybe in the Novel we can find our waifus (like I did when I read Grisaia). If the soundtracks were good in the anime, I can already feel the eargasm thinking about the Novel. To conclude, I think Walkure Romanze deserves an official translation. Because the anime was so good we can't really ignore the original source. And because I like it. Really much. And after years, this has become a seriously personal matter. I will never stop asking. If a company doesn't translate, I'll ask someone else. I will never stop. LOVE CAN'T BE STOPPED! (lol crazy) Thank you for reading. Give me your energy, so I can pray for this Novel to be translated! o/
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    I miss you guys ç_ç

    It's been a long time since I last visited this forum. Everybody moved to Discord and you all left me behind I feel lonely. Come back, pls
  3. Good morning, boys! Since I just finished G Senjou no Maou, I got the impulse of buying something from the opera. And on Goods Republic I've found this cute cushion that could be adorable to hug when I'm sleeping. I just have an issue. My mother is the ultimate housewaifu and she knows everything about how to wash things. Aaaand she said the cushion I found could be bad after I wash it. I'm not sure about trusting her judgement, because we are talking about japan cushions sold from respectable sites. Also, she said she can't be sure until she directly touches the cushion itself. And I'm not so sure about spending a bunch of dollars and then finding myself with a cushion I cannot wash. So. Since I'm probably worrying over nothing, I wanted to ask you guys if you already own some dakimakuras and cushions and you know if they need to be washed in a certain way or if they are 100% quality material This could probably be the most awkward topic in this forum's history for, like, forever.
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    Anime expo announcements

    Since some companies are announcing/have announced titles at the Anime Expo, does NekoNyan have something to tell us aswell?
  5. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

    Yo! It's been a long time since I last posted here! (no, not really. I requested Mashiro Iro Symphony not so long ago ) This time I come with the request for a probably well known title with a beautiful character design (yes, it's beautiful. I chose this image exactly for that purpose): Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete. To be completely honest, I really thought someone was translating this. But when a friend of mine posted the opening on a facebook group (beautiful opening, btw. really lovely song), I went to check on VNDB and... THE FAN-TRANSLATION IS DEAD! This not good. Me want read this. I don't wanna pick up the anime before reading this. "Go learn Japanese you ple-" URUSAI! I'm lazy so I can't learn Japanese! Also my job and Azur Lane are devouring the already little time I have to read other VNs, I can't learn anything at all, let alone Japponic! That said, I know this VN is really old. But the chara is so good it doesn't feel like it at all. Maybe NekoNyan Sofuto will grace my soul like they did with Hello Lady last year? I'm a good guy, I buy all of your VNs, I'm supporting and in need. ... ... Please be gentle and translate this! I know I only ask for old and not-so-well-known VNs but I'm a really good guy with a big heart (who fucking cares about that LOL ) so please make me happy! I will give you cookies! Onegai! tl;dr: seems like MichaelBlue has finally shifted from "requesting" to "pleading". Will his prayers go unanswered?
  6. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    Well, it took me too much to ask for this. But the main reason was the obvious one: Palette is already taken by Sekai Project. But since recently NekoNyan freed- ehm, stol- ehm *coff coff* excuse me, I will rephrase: since Senren Banka changed from SP to NekoNyan I thought "Hey! Maybe there's some hope!" Of course this VN is old. Of course the anime was probably not very good (Sena route where? ç_ç ) and of course I don't expect NekoNyan to be our savio- ehm, I don't expect SP to fall back so easily. "But Michael, why should we get this VN instead of many other ones? What makes this VN so important to you?" Well. The anime didn't satisfy me enough. Is that a good reason? It's not. But maybe it's a request more reasonable than Walkure Romanze and Fortune Arterial, you know...
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    Aokana image gallery missing

    Wait, do you mean you completed 3 routes or are you still reading the story for the first time? Usually, Visual Novels unlock the Gallery section only after completing at least one route
  8. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Gore Screaming Show

    I seriously logged in right now to write a comment on this post because I found out about your partial translation of this VN. Never expected to meet you directly xD I'm almost completely ignorant about japponic so I can't be of any help, but I support your work with my mind and soul! I suggest you go to their discord and bring up the discussion on the forum, tho. I'm basically the last remaining here
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    I miss you guys ç_ç

    I would like to, but I basically never use it. I feel lonely
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    Fault! Request

    I see Tony Taka, I fucking approve
  11. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Dracu-Riot, Amairo Islenauts, Riddle Joker and future Yuzusoft games

    Do not abandon us pls
  12. MichaelBlueTheKing

    What's your favorite platform to play visual novels?

    Yoruka is beautiful
  13. MichaelBlueTheKing

    What's your favorite platform to play visual novels?

    I wish my laptop hadn't broke, so I could enjoy VNs while laid down on my sofa. Instead I have to stay at my desk. It's not so bad, but after 6 hours it becomes uncomfortable...
  14. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Devils Devel Concept

    I will join this train. I definitely like the premise
  15. MichaelBlueTheKing

    This is my first time on this forum, please be gentle.

    Welcome to MoegeLand, friend! Enjoy your stay. Also may I ask the name of the cute bishoujo you are using as profile picture?
  16. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Izayoi No Fortuna

    Did someone say fripSide?
  17. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Request for Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

    I play Azur Lane, and they just added Victorious on the English Server. Same seiyuu of Noel. The world is sending me a message. Ricotta will answer us soon. I CAN FEEL IT! KANJIRU!
  18. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Request for Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

    I've found someone who understand my pain and my sadness I'm so happy I cry
  19. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to MoeLand, brother Enjoy your stay
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    Kin'iro Loveriche

    The girls are very moe. I'm in!
  21. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    Ye, it's better if THEY don't pick it up
  22. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    Impossible, they love me
  23. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    This is not SP. It's more like "basically anywhere between tomorrow and next year"
  24. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    That's some interesting amount of passion