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  1. MichaelBlueTheKing


    The main problem with Rewrite, imo, is that you have to play all 5 routes to unlock the "true ending" and that's a pain in the ass. I couldn't fall in love with any of the girl because the chara is KEY's chara and the girls are more like moeblobs than real 2D grills, so heh. For me at least it has been a real pain, but the true ending repaid me in the end
  2. Nice. So I can buy the Steam version, then buy physicals and then gift the Steam keys to friends who are too poor to afford VNs
  3. MichaelBlueTheKing

    How weeb is your room?!

    My thoughts exactly
  4. MichaelBlueTheKing

    New theory about NekoNyan

    I have a better theory: NekoNyan is actually a group of moe 2D girls that want to promote the moege culture so that they can find a partner in the bunch of moege fans
  5. MichaelBlueTheKing

    How weeb is your room?!

    Grisaia lover and man of culture. I feel absolutely defeated
  6. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Natsukumo Yururu

    It's always good to read some really positive comments that shine with hope
  7. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Any news on the Fureraba fan disc?

    They posted a project update, the fandisc is currently on translation
  8. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Localization Request Masterlist (Check Here First)

    what a man without hopes
  9. MichaelBlueTheKing

    How weeb is your room?!

    I recently updated my room and removed the last non-weeb things on my shelves. Still waiting for much things to arrive (like the kickstarters I backed and that will arrive in 15 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and gonna buy more other things like blurays and shit, so the main problem is having enough space
  10. Denpasofuto is gonna die
  11. MoeNovel will not change its policy, tho. I bet it.
  12. Japanese voice acting, I said
  13. A book doesn't have japanese voice acting, tho.
  14. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Forum signatures

    Just quote something cool u.u
  15. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard!