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  1. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to MoeLand, brother Enjoy your stay
  2. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    The girls are very moe. I'm in!
  3. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    Ye, it's better if THEY don't pick it up
  4. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    Well, it took me too much to ask for this. But the main reason was the obvious one: Palette is already taken by Sekai Project. But since recently NekoNyan freed- ehm, stol- ehm *coff coff* excuse me, I will rephrase: since Senren Banka changed from SP to NekoNyan I thought "Hey! Maybe there's some hope!" Of course this VN is old. Of course the anime was probably not very good (Sena route where? ç_ç ) and of course I don't expect NekoNyan to be our savio- ehm, I don't expect SP to fall back so easily. "But Michael, why should we get this VN instead of many other ones? What makes this VN so important to you?" Well. The anime didn't satisfy me enough. Is that a good reason? It's not. But maybe it's a request more reasonable than Walkure Romanze and Fortune Arterial, you know...
  5. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    Impossible, they love me
  6. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    This is not SP. It's more like "basically anywhere between tomorrow and next year"
  7. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    That's some interesting amount of passion
  8. MichaelBlueTheKing


  9. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu

    10 years is better than never, tho
  10. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu

    From the synopsis it seems like I will absolutely adore this VN. I'm hyped. Hope it will get translated someday
  11. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu

    We can ask Furontowingu help in this case
  12. MichaelBlueTheKing

    December Announcements!

    Why not both?
  13. MichaelBlueTheKing

    Request submission for Haru to yuki,

    In 10 years from now I could finally receive Walkure Romanze translated... or learn Japponic by myself
  14. MichaelBlueTheKing

    December Announcements!

    We dream alike, then
  15. MichaelBlueTheKing

    December Announcements!

    What a man without dreams