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    August announcements!

    Hello Lady isn't really affected by the progress of other projects since we have a separate team for it. What often causes VN releases to take so long is that other publishers get to the engine/programming work only after the translation/editing is done. We're doing *everything* in parallel, which allows us to start with the QA process early as well. Basically, everything, including the QA process, is finished at almost the same time as the tl/editing process.
  2. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    We sent them the patch and they said "We'll take care of it." Unfortunately, I haven't confirmed where and how they made it available.
  3. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    It should be available on JAST & it'll also be available on our store soon. We had to update the functionality of the product pages to accommodate for patches.
  4. You can expect our announcements some time around the last week of this month. We would have preferred to reveal our titles during otakon, but that didn't work out timing-wise. We're waiting for a couple things to be finalized. You'll see what I mean when we make the announcements. We're going to reveal the exact date (hopefully) next week.
  5. It's the exact opposite. If we would just grab what we can get, we would be swamped with licenses right now. A lot of thought is going into what we license and when, and most of our staff knows (and has read) the games we license. We're trying to look at which titles the community wants, and also take into account which titles we believe are great. Another factor that also goes into the decision process is what the devs want. We believe that good communication is the key to a long, healthy relationship and as such, we're discussing which title(s) we're going to work on together with them.
  6. akerou

    Anime expo announcements

    Like I've already mentioned in a different thread, we would love to, but one of the studios wants us to announce their title next month, so nothing we can do there.
  7. akerou

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I can tell you that at least one of them is.
  8. akerou

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Yep, different studios.
  9. akerou

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    We would love to, but one of the companies wants us to announce their game next month, so, unfortunately, we have to wait until then
  10. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    Hm, must be a patch issue then. I'm guessing one of the sprites isn't correctly changed to the uncensored version. We'll fix it in the next patch version, thanks.
  11. akerou

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Just for clarification since some people seem to misunderstand my post when I said there's nothing drawn under the mosaics in Sanoba in the other thread. I guess that was poorly worded, my bad. There is obviously something drawn under there, but it's very basic and was created on the assumption that there'll be mosaics. What that means is, there are no details under the mosaics, and pixels of the mosaic layer were adjusted and colored to make it look as good as possible.
  12. akerou

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    As I mentioned before, there is nothing drawn under the mosaics in this case, so the only option would be to hire an artist to draw the parts in question, which is something we're currently too poor for because of the two titles we're going to announce
  13. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    Sorry about that, we'll take care to make it available for download everywhere.
  14. akerou

    Dealing With Spammers?

    By updating the forum, which we just did.
  15. akerou

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Looks like you copy pasted SakuSaku's title from VND ;p There's a proper blog post coming up pretty soon where we're going to discuss a number of things. So far, we haven't really been trying to get out post unless we had things to say that were actually important. What kinds of posts would you guys like to see in addition to those news/announcement posts?
  16. In terms of lines, Sanoba has only slightly more, but if we look at character count, it's ~20% longer.
  17. Yeah, you're right. We should definitely update it more regularly. I've updated it just now. May look a little weird that Sanoba is closer to completion than HGB, but that's mainly because Sanoba is almost twice the length of HGB, which is why we have two translators working on Sanoba versus just one who is working on HGB
  18. Uncensor patches will be available for those who want them of course. It may also be possible to incorporate the extra content into the uncensored versions, but we'll have to see about that. The content is specifically made to fill in the gaps that may result from removing the adult content, so it could be jarring to have both.
  19. Depends on the dev and which company is holding the extra content rights, but it's usually either no extra costs or minimal extra costs at most. The only reason we don't have the psv content of Fureraba is that the company that did the vita port closed down years ago and neither Hooksoft nor the new IP holder had the data. In fact, we already have a few titles that we are going to announce this fall for which we have the psv content. I personally believe that many PS4/vita ports are better than the original PC releases because of things like better pacing and flow, and we'll always try to get all the extra content if there is any.
  20. akerou

    Increase to Main Website Security

    Thanks for pointing that out. Apparently the SSL certificate had expired. Shouldn't happen again.
  21. As most people are aware, we had some problems getting Fureraba approved last month. The first build we submitted was already completely harmless compared to other VNs on Steam, so I'm pretty sure they have been applying their new policy for a while now. It's only now that they're taking actions against titles that are already on Steam though. It's definitely not a good change for VN localizers, but it's also not as bad as it's made out to be right now. You were allowed to show more borderline sexual content than on console platforms so far, but now you need to do the censoring like JP vita/PS4 ports are doing it. If your game is then complying with, for instance, Sony guidelines, you could also get a rating no problem and it's rather unlikely that Valve is going to reject rated titles.
  22. akerou

    How will the physical releases be done?

    A simultaneous release would, of course, be desirable, but there are some factors that are out of our control so we can't say for sure that it's gonna work out in time right now. We'll have all the exact details for you by the time pre-orders for the physical version start.
  23. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    It should be now. It had to be added to the deluxe edition as well, which I didn't think of. Sorry.
  24. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    It doesn't break the saves per se, when you load an old save, it may have broken text initially, but once you jump back or proceed forward, there are no issues. Normally you can't use old saves without the game crashing in general because of the way BGI is handling saves, so this is already the "fixed" version. It's certainly not optimal, but not avoidable unless you patch the save files themselves.
  25. akerou

    Typos and Quality Control

    The uncensor patch is already up. You can find it in our store (free download). We've also released an update that changes the default font and fixes quite a few typos. It can be downloaded from the library.