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  1. JapanezVaryHad

    Aokana V. Bookmark Issues

    Good day to all, I'd like to report about an issue whenever I bookmark a certain Madoka line during Chapter 3: Rivals. Whenever I bookmark it and play it the next day the game crashes, it'll still play the opening song but I'm stuck in the V. Bookmark and cannot use the close icon. Please look into this, I have attached the necessary screenshots below and hope it helps. Also, during the joint training of Kunahama and Takafuji FC Club, Minori's V. Bookmark is using Minamo's sprite. I also provided attachments for this said issue. One of the attachments entitled "minori and minamo sprite" shows that both characters are using the same sprite when placed in the V. Bookmark. Bookmark #23 belongs to Minori while #24 belongs to Minamo.