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  1. Nelico

    Izayoi No Fortuna

    The game is pretty great. It's cute, has a mystery feel to it and it's relaxing. Did I say that it's cute?
  2. Nelico

    Twinkle ☆ Crusaders

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone would be crazy enough to mix your typical mahou shoujo series (not the madoka kind) with Lucky Star kind of comedy? If yes, then this would be most likely the outcome! Sakura Shin is a hard-luck high school student. One day, by sheer dumb luck, he becomes the student council president of Ryuusei Academy, a position which he thought is given free meals from the cafeteria, as he has been raised in a poor family and is in need of money. Alas, no free meals for poor Shin and there is another little problem: His duties as student council president include the removal of demons that appear in the city. And to even further complicate poor Shins life a wannabe-badass plush panda informs him that Shins father is the former demon lord and that he has relinquished the throne in favor of his son. Protecting the city, hiding that he's the demon king, student council duties... And not even free meals. Will our protagonist ever have enough time to enjoy his school life??? So, why Twinkle ☆ Crusaders? 1. Cute girls 2. Great, flashy gameplay 4. Great soundtrack 5. You play a friggin DEMON KING 6. A hilarious (-ly great) story 7. achievements, collectibles and easter eggs inclusive 8. Your sidekick is a megalomaniac wannabe-badass stuffed panda 9. Cute girls About the game: Twincle Crusaders is episodic with story segments, map movement segments where you either meet the heroine of your choice or side characters for collectibles, achievements or even possibly recruit them as support characters for the battle segments, and said battle segments where you and your party fight against the demons in a simple, yet addictive and wonderfully flashy combo-based turn based RPG. Here a trial battle from the FD, as this was one of the only non-spoiler non-crossover battles I could find. And here the cute 1st of two Openings:
  3. Nelico

    ToHeart2 AnotherDays

    Why not both as a bundle?
  4. Nelico

    Otome * Domain

    Minato best girl! +1 for Trap Protags!
  5. Nelico

    Steam is now allowing all games

    I didn't know that, thanks for the info
  6. Nelico

    Steam is now allowing all games

    I don't really know what morals have to do with homophobic language, but if it offended you, sorry. It was meant more in the lines of "ego-shooters turning people into terrorists" and "anime games turn people into pedphiles", rapelay-scandal and so on. Again, sorry if someone felt attacked.
  7. Nelico

    Steam is now allowing all games

    Isn't it just steam saying "we allow everything we don't forbid"? I fear it's just preparation for games to get forbidden by moral faggotry of the month. Opening the floodgates of sh*tstorm for twisted judegement on a case by case base. But the only thing I trust steam is me commiting murder if I'd ever meet them in a moonlit alley.
  8. Nelico

    Company Mascot

    You just had to destroy everything, eh? Alright, new idea: Bishoujo in full-body cat pajama
  9. Majikoi got grabbed by JAST. All of us might not live long enough to see the day A-3 gets released. As a fan of Majikoi I'd love to see more titles like Tsujidou (and the fandisk, Asuza best!).
  10. Nelico

    Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou

    Those games with trap protagonists have one big flaw: Proatgonist is always best girl! 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 was pretty good, but as said before Navel doesn't seem to want their games in the west, otherwise MG would already work on oretsuba or this one.
  11. Nelico

    Company Mascot

    Or they could just turn their logo into a fat cat or something. (And while rule 34 exists, not everything needs to turn into waifu material.)
  12. Looks like steam has send a notice to all involved parties asking them to disregard the #waifuholocaust. Not sure if this counts as damage control or just taking an arrow to the knee
  13. So you think we'd see a rise of Vita/PS4 ports instead of PC versions with cut ero-content for all ages titles? That would be great for me since those ports most of the time have more CGs to replace the H-CGs and extra Routes. Licensing all ages and 18+ would really increase the costs though.
  14. My guess would be: Nothing If you can scream and point your fingers at an already dead opponent, do reasons really matter if you have the chance for your 5 seconds of internet fame? And if you can push your totally intolerant view of forced tolerance on everybody, all the more reason.
  15. Steam Purge Night is real. Seems like some new UK law is the whole reason.
  16. Nelico

    Innocent Bullet -The False World-

    Like I said, big guns are always a plus, or what were you thinking, you little perv?
  17. It get's out of hand when you have to make a folder called "stalled" just to know what VNs you are currently playing Nothing beats having around 10 games you want to finish but not having enough time But yeah, for Visual Novels the main part, aka Writing is most of the time pretty lackluster as they seem to focus more on "graphic" than on actual writing... Kinda like reading a hollywood Blockbuster instead of watching all of them EXPLOSION! "Explosions left, explosions right, he shot down all that was in his way while lighting a cigar with his left foot and ripping off heads with his right, holding 3 firing guns in each of his hands." At least for story-ge. Chara-ge and moe-ge are either hit or miss, even if the same people worked at them, see Hatsukoi 1/1 being sucky-ish to Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai becoming Creation God Tier Kamige.
  18. Nelico

    Innocent Bullet -The False World-

    Girls with big... guns are always a plus.
  19. Nelico

    PR/Website/Social Media Manager?

    I kinda already asked them the same question, but it seems PR is pretty low on their priority list. Having your products speak for you might be a valid strategy, but 'modern kids' (I'm being sarcastic here, fyi) are kinda like young chicken and only keep the flashiest things in their memory and those only until the next big thing is around. (still being sarcastic) We don't need to know what kind of political party you support or what you had for breakfast (but that might be interesting) but at least tease some of your works or try to hype the fans before your releases. Or you could just ramble about how great the translators are or how the dirtiest workplace you guys have looks like or something.
  20. yeah, but you'd have to wait for the FD if you' get AsuKimi in english or play the original until the routes begin to fully enjoy her ^^"
  21. I'd love for Signal Heart because it was one of the first VNs I played in japanese, but 明日の君と逢うために was really good, as well and has best Side-girl ever.
  22. Nelico

    Official discord

    With great power comes great corruptability
  23. Nelico

    Official discord

    But people on the internet aren't real, all of those are just russian or murrican spam bots or troll bots. If you can't spit 'em in their face during your talk, chances are those are just some secret organizations tricks to get your money/information/soul/cake.
  24. Nelico

    Hello World!

    Welcome. For the travelling kind tablets are a good idea, I really should have bought one instead of my laptop... But, woe is me. 3DS, PSV, Smartphone and books are still enough to get over my travel time.
  25. Might not be everyones cup of tea, but I've heard Kansen should be good, as in a trashy b-movie (sex) zombie splatter survival story. I can't comment since I tend to avoid zombies almost as much as glittering otome vampires. Don't even dare to tell me that all of us wouldn't do the same