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  1. kyrt

    Anyone playing any RPGs?

    I got back into FF14 a few days before Fan Fest and also started playing WoFF Maxima...so other games have taken a backseat for a bit but I'll get back to Xanadu ex+ soon and then it will be Tales of Vesperia Definitive, Kingdom Hearts III, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and then back to FF14 for the Shadowbringer expansion.
  2. kyrt

    Anyone playing any RPGs?

    I just fully completed Dragon Quest XI which was excellent and have now started playing Tokyo Xanadu ex+ which is pretty enjoyable so far.
  3. According to the post it was 1:11 no guessing needed.. Sanoba is now out and FD is likely now being worked on. I imagine that we'll get information near the end of November or early December related to new announcements and progress of all currently announced projects.
  4. kyrt

    August announcements!

    Nice grab my only hope is that we are not forced to buy the english version of the game on Steam (They've lost my visual novel business after the more recent stuff they've pulled). Hopefully they'll also give you the uncensored/unmosaiced version as well. I think partnering with Hikari Field will be a great benefit in getting licenses as you now have a slight edge over the other visual novel companies because you can offer dual language support whereas most of them do not...at least for the one title. You can see how the partnership goes. Hello Lady is a pretty solid and more recent title and if the next one might be even better I can't wait to see what it is.
  5. kyrt

    Aokana overseas announcement

    Without love, it cannot be seen.
  6. So instead of Otakon you're aiming for gamescom lol. Looking forward to the announcement of the announcement
  7. In other words not nearly enough...seriously I enjoyed Fureraba a lot more than I thought.
  8. Don't forget that Mangagamer has one more convention they will be going to and we can probably expect something at that one. They also have a huge amount of games they've announced (26 currently) and I'd like to see a few of those release before they announce the next big title. Mangagamer does release more visual novels in a timely manner than any other company though so although some of the games might not really be my thing I give props where it's due. They are still miles above certain other companies in this medium at releasing in a timely manner. Also there are a ton of people looking forward to the Rance games...the gameplay is addictive but outside of rance which I can understand the appeal even if it's not fully my thing the only thing I want from Alicesoft is Evenicle 2 to be announced...but to other people that enjoy alicesoft games they are getting some high grade nukige with gameplay. If nukige sell as well as Mangagamer claims they should be able to get some dough to acquire some more interesting licenses once they go through their current log. But enough about Mangagamer when do we get to find out what nekonyansoft has acquired...odd how a company with only a single release is the company I'm most looking forward to finding out their acquisitions.
  9. kyrt

    Darky, Darky, Nyan, Nyan

    Different people like different things and timing when someone reads something is everything. Noble Works isn't the best but it is definitely not the worst either. You can do a lot worse.
  10. kyrt

    Darky, Darky, Nyan, Nyan

    Looking for a visual novel? Hmm lots to choose from what about Kira kira, Sekien no Inganock, Ef a Fairy Tale of the Two, Da Capo II or III, Yumina the Ethereal, Noble Works, or My girlfriend is the President? All titles of varying quality but titles I don't think you have on your vndb yet.
  11. kyrt


    Scarlett: Ohno Akito is a military otaku. Akito dropped out of school a year ago and is now camping on a small island off Okinawa, where he went in the forlorn hope that the American military presence would give him a chance to play with real guns. He's unexpectedly approached by a foreigner girl, Shizuka, who tells him he's in a restricted area. That night, Akito sees a B-2 stealth bomber flying overhead, and realizes something is happening that shouldn't be. The next day, as he's trying to break into Kadena Air Base to get a closer look at the B-2, he runs into Shizuka again... The story is told from 2 perspectives: Kurou, a super-spy from the prestigious Bettou-Izumi-Scarlett family, and Akito. The former wields knowledge, strength, and great political power, while the latter was just a normal high school guy. But their differing views on the world and how they themselves change is one of the main reasons that the story’s interesting. Scarlett is just a simple little story about 2 people, their different worlds, and the people they love. Developer: NekoNeko Soft (with such a similar sounding name...it's destiny) Developer likeness aside this just looks and sounds like an interesting visual novel...it also has a great opening.
  12. kyrt


    I was going to suggest the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy as well.
  13. kyrt

    New Forum theme

    I rather like the idea of having a new forum theme each time a new game is nearing release or adding to the theme whenever new titles get announced.
  14. Sekai Project and possibly Mangagamer have switched to Discord (unless they got rid of those too). Which brings up an interesting question does nekonyansoft have a discord?
  15. My name is Kyrt. I play visual novels, rpgs (western/jrpg), read, and watch anime/science fiction/fantasy tv shows...that's about it. I started my visual novel adventure thanks to a used book store where Ever17 and Dragonia were sitting in a bin for 15 dollars. I started both at the same time but due to limited computer usage I ended up beating Dragonia first and Ever17 shortly after. Ever17 is the visual novel that got me hooked on the medium back in the mid 2000s. I don't really have a favorite visual novel as it changes over time. I will now leave you with a few quotes to ponder... “Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age.” "There is never a second opportunity to make a first impression." "If you're always on time, it implies that you never have anything better you should be doing." "Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face."