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  1. HeadHunter

    Soi Kano ~Gyutto Dakishimete~

    Indeed, ahegao is the purest form of love.
  2. HeadHunter

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    Yep, I PM'd you. I think a pinned thread with a fix/workaround is due here :D.
  3. HeadHunter

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    I use version from this website and I got DLC for free for pre-ordering I guess.
  4. HeadHunter

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    I tried starting a new game, it just asks for a name and then goes into prologue. I tried with update and without. One thing I noticed is that DLC files didn't overwrite any files in Archive folder (and no, I'm not making a folder inside or anything like that), because it would mean the game have to be programmed beforehand to read those files.
  5. HeadHunter

    Fureraba After Story Access Problems

    Doesn't seem to work for me either. Clean install.
  6. Yeah, I guess California kids will be too scared to go to school after that one... :D
  7. Haha, you are right, but wait till you see other cgs xD :
  8. You should've not even bothered editing a image, it is already looking exactly like that on ps4:
  9. Hopefully they will release PC version and not the light-beam PS4 version.
  10. Well, I wonder if certain publishers will actually want to use this steam feature, since its hidden behind content filter that you have to enable, your game has much less visibility. While biggest reason to put a VN on steam for some is to cash grab as many users as possible (I don't mean it necessarily in a bad way, everyone wants to sell more). But, all in all, that's a great step forward.
  11. HeadHunter

    Bradyon Veda

    I think the only other hard sci-fi "vn" I've read is Sinkha and I liked it a lot. I'm a little bit fascinated by this genre, so its a thumbs up for this VN from me.
  12. HeadHunter

    Aokana overseas announcement

    Nah, we would we get it instantly, with the help of our good old friend - google translate xD.
  13. I see we got ourselves a connoisseur of love, Olivier .
  14. Eh, I miss mangagamer's forums. They said they closed it for technical reasons and that it will be back, but it never came back . I feel the real reason was that some people were "misbehaving" too much. Its sad, because it felt like I drifted away from their community, still love 'em tho. On the other hand, forums is what drawn me to this company, however strange it might be. Its quite nice to have them, being closer to people who work here and all that.
  15. HeadHunter

    Currently Watching—Anime Edition

    From this season: ISLAND, Gintama. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, HANEBADO - need to watch a few more episodes to decide if I keep it. Planet With, Angels of Death - still need to check out. Attack on Titan 3, Overlord 3 and Tonegawa will probably save for the end of the season, to watch 'em when they are finished.
  16. HeadHunter

    GOG have opened up to releasing VNs

    GOG is owned by CD project RED aka The Witcher devs. Their original draw to the service was (an still is) selling older PC games in a nice drm-free package with extras, all patches and compatible with new windows. Thus "Good old games". Recently, well, for quite a while I guess, they expanded quite a lot, to indie games and new games made in vein of old (like Pillars of Eternity). I remember reading long ago, but don't quote me on this, that they didn't really want VNs on their store, since it doesn't really fit well or something, but I'm glad they expanded enough to be accepting to new stuff. I think NekoNyan should definitely try jumping in on this, their service is pretty good.
  17. HeadHunter

    Request for another Smee VN

    Yep, I'm definitely all in for this.
  18. HeadHunter

    Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai

    Damn, this looks cool.
  19. HeadHunter

    Fureraba release

    Do you mean the fact that you have to fill out your Billing address? Its just usually used to match with your credit card. On the next step it should prompt you for payment, make sure you don't have scripts blocked, since it opens in separate modal window.
  20. HeadHunter

    Fureraba release

    I personally quite like the liberties you took with the language, it seems to suit trolly humor of the game. I can't really be negative about it, because it made me laugh quite a lot from the very beginning. And for a non-native English speaker, translation seems to "flow" quite well in general, even though I might not know grammar very well, I do notice when translation has awkward sentences that make you stop and think for a second, which I don't notice much here. Now, what I did notice, since I mostly can understand what they are saying when lines are voiced is that a lot of times some sentences were added to dialogue and they seem to fit well, even more some feels to be vital, I just wonder, were they also written in original and not fully voiced? (I'm probably overthinking this)
  21. HeadHunter

    Resume Downloads

    Yep, the download stopped at 40%
  22. HeadHunter

    Fureraba release

    Download speed seems to be pretty slow, like 300-400 KB/s, wanted to play this as soon as I saw it .
  23. Strange, that link seems to have died. Not sure about catalogue. I bought it here . I think it sold around EU region.
  24. HeadHunter

    H-scenes; necessary or not?

    They are not necessary, if the VN is designed to be without them. I love stuff like Ever 17 and Steins;Gate. But it blows my mind a bit, when a lot of people would say, that for example they are not necessary in a game like Fate/Stay Night, I understand if you don't want them if you don't want to see that kind of content. But in my experience having a h-scenes in a longer, well thought out story is amplifying their meaning and enjoyment even if they are not done super great. Like, you get invested in characters over a long period of time, get sucked into atmosphere because of a good story and if you end up liking that character a loot to boot the h-scene can end up being very enjoyable to experience.