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  1. Darx

    Favorite manga

    My favorite manga would have to be Berserk, no contest. Too bad it'll probably never end. Another one of my personal favorites is Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai but I didn't like it much after the Goddess arc and the ending was pretty rushed. I don't read much non-H manga these days. I don't really like how the serialization screws with the narrative and structure of the story. Doujins and tankobons are still within my radar though.
  2. Darx

    Request for another Smee VN

    I would absolutely like to see Making Lovers in English. +1 from me.
  3. Ooooh. I do like me some RPG VNs. I'll keep an eye on this one myself.
  4. Darx

    [Eushully] Himegari Dungeon Meister

    Yeah, that seems to align with what I've heard from a couple other sources. Maybe they'll relent one day but I figured it wouldn't hurt for more companies to at least try. It's a bit disappointing that no competent fan TL group has picked up any of their bigger titles (publically at least), other than Kamidori Alchemy Meister but we're not really entitled to anything on the side of fan TLs. The good news is that Ninetail's looking to localize Venus Blood Frontier (http://www.ninetail.tk/tde10/), so it'd be nice to get some more gameplay eroge out to the west, but I have my concerns as to how successful the kickstarter would be without a large pre-existing community from a fan TL.
  5. Greetings NekoNyan, I am very intrigued by your foray into the VN industry and I would like to make a humble request: Himegari Dungeon Meister. Many years ago, Seiha Translations provided us with a fantastic fan translation for Kamidori Alchemy Meister. For a long time, I and many others across the internet wondered if we'll ever see another Eushully game translated into English. Since then, we've had somewhat passable interface patches and horrendous edited machine translations for some of their titles, including Himegari. But then I saw Mangagamer partner with Alicesoft and Sekai Project with GIGA for Baldr Sky 1+2 (think what you will about the latter, I can only hope it goes well I suppose). These events have got me thinking quite a bit. We've heard that Eushully (and other eroge/VN companies) do not want to release their games to the West and that idea prevailed in even the general VN community. However, your statements that these companies are extremely eager to work with you guys intrigued me. Could it really be possible that we misunderstood them this entire time? Or have the conditions for the western market changed such that they might be willing to work with localization companies to bring their games over? Understandably, this suggestion will be for a very large gameplay title (and not really a VN) but I think we'll start to see a stronger clamor for Eushully games with the recent release of Amayui Castle Meister. Other than the VN localization companies, I don't know who else to turn to. Why Himegari Dungeon Meister specifically? Well, I love SRPGs and the gameplay in Kamidori Alchemy Meister was pretty good. It's like a Fire Emblem game that cranks the RPG aspects to 11. As a game in the Meister series, Himegari has many similar gameplay mechanics. Also, I hear Himegari is all about being the big bad maou trying to take over the world and I think we need more titles like that. Getting a massive harem is nice too! Also, it might be easier to get a license to an older title? Plus you get to work towards a LAW or CHAOS ending reminiscent of the Shin Megami Tensei series. That's neat I guess. Also, Lilly is adorable: Please do consider this title. You have my thanks. Also, it'd be nice to see the rest of Eushully's catalogue brought over to the west as well (e.g. Seikoku no Arterial and the Ikusa Megami series).
  6. Darx

    H-scenes; necessary or not?

    Hm...I suppose my answer would be: "I suppose on an individual title basis, you could argue they are not necessary. However, if VNs didn't have H-scenes or as many H-scenes, I wouldn't really notice the medium as a whole since there would be one less thing to separate it from the pack of entertainment". I certainly appreciate that there is a certain uniqueness to the VN medium where explicit sex is integrated into the work rather than something standalone (think traditional adult videos with the flimsiest of plots) or a "fade to black". Some may argue that it takes the mystique and imagination away from the story, but I disagree. Sexuality is something that's almost universally covered up in the West (thanks for nothing, Puritans) but is an integral part of the human experience. It's something that's always bothered me in media like TV and movies where even sex scenes get cut off or use 'natural' censorship (with sheet covers, etc.). In terms of industry matters, I'm similar to another person on the internet named sanahtlig and absolutely refuse to buy butchered versions of VNs (FUCK YOU MOENOVEL) or an All Ages only release when an 18+ version is available (G Senjou no Maou being the notable example here). I did make an exception for Eien no Aselia, but the artwork is dated enough that I didn't care as much. It still rubs me the wrong way though... I am also much more willing to give VNs with uncensored art a glance and am a bit looser with my wallet than normal for those titles since I want to Japanese companies and artists to actually draw genitalia, but I digress. Sorry if this is a bit reductionist, but even if I end up skipping through H-scenes I'd still consider them to be necessary.
  7. Darx

    What are you listening to?

    Other than video game OSTs and anime OSTs, I also listen to a lot of metal. The subgenres I prefer are melodic death metal, technical death metal, and power metal.
  8. Darx

    What are you playing?

    I finally finished Eiyuu Senki the other day (GOLD when JAST? Preferably within a decade I hope...). I recently bought Radiant Historia - Perfect Chronology so I'll be playing that pretty soon-ish maybe; it's been about 6-7 years since I played the original version. Additionally, I still need to 100% Mario Odyssey and finish Xenoblade Chronicles 2 along with the last 2 routes of Dies Irae and the entirety of SubaHibi. -Sigh-...
  9. Darx


    I watch stuff from most genres but I prefer fantasy (isekai and traditional high/low fantasy), harem, seinen, comedy, ecchi, and whatever Reddit tends to latch onto. I do read manga and light novels occasionally so stuff that gets adapted into anime usually ends up on my list (such as Overlord, Death March, Kisejuu, To Love Ru/Darkness). I've probably watched most popular shows from the 2006-2016 era. Tis a good feeling when you at least recognize all of the shows in Mother's Basement's video How to Survive a Harem Anime.
  10. Darx

    [Eushully] Himegari Dungeon Meister

    I don't see an edit post button so forgive me. I forgot to link to this Reddit post for reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/5hwgg6/eushullys_amayui_castle_meister_scheduled_for/ Many of the conclusions I've drawn can be found in this thread.