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  1. IWannaPlayAstralAir


    also, is there a route for marimo? just curious o_O
  2. IWannaPlayAstralAir

    AstralAir no Shiroki Towa

    Is it possible for people to send patches through email even if it's not licensed for publication? If so, it'd be great if you could send it to my gmail... I've actually been surfing for 3+hours constantly for an astralair eng patch :c
  3. IWannaPlayAstralAir

    Secret Project #1 - The title is~~~

    I highly doubt that it's Clover day's because i'm pretty sure that yakusoku translations already finished translating and astro confirmed that the project is just in indefinite hiatus for now and that he will release it when he can. Astral air seems very possible since two of the members joined here just to finish translating the game and are very eager to have it published. Chances are, they've convinced the head to release it or smth i guess, but again, you can't be sure because that's just how visual novel publications work...
  4. IWannaPlayAstralAir


    hey guys, I've actually spent around two hours searching here and there, stalking through chuee's social medias to check the reason behind the abandoning of translating AstralAir. From what i've seen, it seems like Chuee and his team had abandoned the project without any notice, which is very strange to me. I got pretty depressed after stalking for a while trying to find out what's happening, but then i somehow saw an article related to AstralAir and decided to check it out. I've still no clue as to why the project was disbanded especially without notice and when it was almost done, according to chuee. I don't really see any detailed info about why the project was disbanded here but since i've got to know that the project members have migrated to here, I'm just going to ask for the sake of curing my curiosity. Q1:Why was the project disbanded in 2016? Q2:Apparently, the translation is done, according to the claims here, but then why is the patch still not released? Q3:Chuee said that the project was almost over in 2016. Why did it take 3 more years to complete? I'm really not trying to be offensive or anything, these are just questions i would like to ask because i'm really dying from curiousity right now... I very much hope that you guys are willing to answer my questions; thank you for your time.