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  1. BlackBird

    Fureraba resolution?

    Would Fureraba be released as 2016 HD edition (1280x720)? Or it would be initial version (1024x576)? Not sure if it's the right place for this, but for now we don't have good old FAQ thread for general questions.
  2. BlackBird

    Hello from Russia!

    Latter. Since all your partners have quite a lot to offer.
  3. BlackBird

    Hello from Russia!

    It's natural that you have greater plans for the future, but for now you're starting with 5 titles of that genre. I guess you have confidence that they would do well. It's not only about preferences, it's about available choices. More games, more genres and eventually more variety is good for players. And obviously some people like your choice of titles and some doesn't. What I tried to say above is that not only Muv-luv-class titles should be translated, but some lighthearted works as well. And when I read some people think otherwise, we just return to preferences matter again) I actually wanted to ask what reasoning is behind choosing these specific titles from your partners?
  4. BlackBird

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Don't really care if it's mosaics or uncensored. But sometimes decensored images is more awkward than originals.
  5. BlackBird

    Hello from Russia!

    Since I'm Russian too, I would just post here and don't start new topic. Really excited about NekoNyan's line-up, because finally we have company, willing to license moege. Actually couple of days ago I participated in MG survey and asked about more moe/romance titles, and there NekoNyan steps up) SP have rights for Yuzusoft's Senren Banka. I read some posts as well and the main reason people on Fuwa or wherever are sceptic is choice of titles. Someone just want something more serious and thought-provoking. That really makes me smile. If you REALLY want food for thought you can watch tons of witty TV shows, classic films or if you are into reading go for literature. Not to mention, you can go to vndb, sort for rating and find many already translated high-rated VNs. So here on the West we have plenty of choice. But I don't think we have the same choice for moege. Pretty interesting, considering what titles consistently tops selling rankings in Japan. Only time will tell if moege can be consistently successful on the West (at least NekoNyan give it a try), but I guess we have plenty of people, who want to play something simple, relaxing and cute after stressful day. That's it for this rant, interested what guys here think about it.