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  1. I'm with SkyAbove. I really enjoyed the game and I'd love to purchase any additional content related to it.
  2. I use my laptop almost exclusively. It is much easier for me to find comfortable positions to be in for a while using a laptop than anything else I've used, including a tablet. I've never owned a Vita or a Switch, but I think I would pick laptop over those, too.
  3. It happens a lot for me - almost always one of my top two or three characters in every visual novel doesn't get a route. Da Capo 2 is my favorite visual novel ever. I generally like most of the characters and many of them get routes. But Akane is my favorite character by far in Da Capo 2 and she doesn't get a route. That one is super memorable for me because one of the game extras is some of the voice actresses talking about their roles and the game. Akane's voice actress talks about not being a route.
  4. I'm definitely strongly on the no mosaics side. Since they aren't required where I live, they annoy me. When I see them, they remind me of the original censorship and I think about that instead of the characters or the story. Bad art doesn't take me out of the experience in the same way, so I prefer seeing whatever was drawn under the mosaics. Since there are so many visual novels that I want to play, I very rarely choose ones with mosaics. The only two that I can think of that I bought knowing they had mosaics in them were eden* and Nekopara.
  5. JJ!

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    Wow! Lots of information in this blog post. Thanks! I am a frequent backer of projects on Kickstarter. Several of those have been specifically for physical releases or limited collector's editions. So, I totally support doing that. As other people have mentioned, there are a lot of things to be careful of. First, be very conservative with your promised dates. What would the date be if a key person became unavailable for a while and then there was a transit strike? Pick dates like that. If you are able to deliver early, you look like a hero. Kickstarter projects deliver more than a week early less than 1% of the time. And on all the projects that deliver significantly late, the backer goodwill goes away. The backers start contacting anyone they can to get their pledge refunded and saying they will never support anything by the company again. The project comment sections become hostile. Second, prominently identify which things will be exclusive to the campaign and which will be available to the general public later on. It is totally fine to have both, but just be honest about it. It is incredibly annoying to see Kickstarter-exclusive products show up on the official storefront. Sure, they probably had a minimum quantity to order and are just selling the remainders, but it makes the companies look bad when they aren't honest. Finally, do what you can to make it financially fair to both NekoNyan and the backers. Charge a reasonable amount for shipping or prominently declare that you'll separately charge the actual shipping amount after the campaign ends. Doing something like that will help NekoNyan out a lot. But at the same time, offer backers some sort of discount over what the product will sell for shortly after the campaign ends. If you're planning on offering something for 10% off within the first month that it is available, give the backers 15% off during the campaign. It is a terrible experience to back something and then see it sold for less than the backer price shortly after it is released. That is another thing that makes the backers never come back to the company and post hostile comments everywhere they can. And on the flip side, I echo the other people who mentioned MangaGamer's physical releases. I don't want to buy something twice, so I end up buying their physical releases much less frequently than I would like. I understand their caution, I just wish I could buy the game in the format I preferred at the beginning. I am glad you are going to keep doing "neat pre-order" bonuses. The pre-order bonus for Fureraba was excellent. Even if they aren't all at that level, I am more than happy to order things directly from you versus some other storefront if there is something cool offered exclusively here. I wish you luck with Valve. But I've been following some of the other companies who got games kicked off of Steam recently, and I'm pretty sure none of them have ever got more information or an official response. Specific Valve employees just decide to eliminate the games and that is the end of it. I can't wait to see the blog post about your own Unity engine. That is exciting. Just make sure it can change the sprites with F12 like Fureraba if there are other releases like that. :-)
  6. JJ!

    Alia's Carnival

    I didn't even know that "psionics" was a tag on vndb until now. This looks really interesting. And I always like stories that feature cherry blossoms.
  7. JJ!

    Request for Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

    The art looks fantastic. I would love to see this released.
  8. The passion a lot of the fans have is a big positive. They want more releases in English (and other languages) and have definite opinions on companies, practices, and individuals involved in the localization. The biggest negative is the sheer number of pirates compared to the number of people who actually spend money. So many of the pirates have an absurd justification for pirating and there will never be a visual novel that they would pay for. I've seen everything from a single misspelled word to a bad experience at a company's booth years ago as their justification for pirating all of a company's titles. I think piracy in general has a much bigger impact on titles with fewer sales - and since most visual novels don't sell very many copies, piracy has a major effect on them. The other thing that bothers me are the many people who only like the releases in Japanese and always complain about English releases. They hate all localizers and standard localization practices. Review sections seem to attract a lot of these people. When I'm looking at a review, I want to know how the visual novel compares to other visual novels released in English or other visual novels from the same company. And it is sometimes really hard to tell if the reviewer who is complaining hates all English releases or if there was something wrong with this particular visual novel.
  9. JJ!

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I agree with the statement that bad art is better than mosaics. I've never thought about the option, but I'd probably rather have "nothing" instead of mosaics, if the art was never drawn. The reason is that mosaics take me out of the game experience and remind me about laws in other countries that I think are stupid. Bad art doesn't do that. I also like the idea of crowdfunding or something like that to have the original artist or one of the artists mentioned in this thread draw in any missing art. But most importantly, whichever direction is chosen, please just be honest. As people have mentioned, some other companies aren't honest when they release games with mosaics or cut content. Either they hide their actions or they give a generic answer like "technical limitations" or "the current situation in some countries".
  10. I love yuri and I always consider harem endings to be the true endings. This would be a fantastic game to release in English. Great suggestion!
  11. The art looks great for both. I would definitely like to see both of these in English.