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    Aokana Mosaics

    Hello. I bought Aokana on Steam and got the 18+ Content for it. I found out after I bought it that the game is censored anyway. To say that I am pissed about this is an understatement. It has killed any motivation I may have had for finishing this game. Which is a shame, because Aokana simply has a great and entertaining story. I like Asuka and Inachose. But if all I will get as a reward for reading through the dialogue and making the right choices is a mass of pixelated nonsense, well then you have my complaint. I do not know if that maybe, one day, Nekoyan can talk to Sprite and get the mosaics removed, if possible. It would be a benefit to the players for sure. And I'm sure that I am not the only person to think this. In the future, I will be more aware of what kind of product I will be getting and mosaics will influence what games I will obtain.
  2. I believe that Nekoyan is testing the waters, especially with Aokana's release. I think the most important factor that they need to consider is how well a product will be received if it has mosaics or not. And I think that they are finding that people really do not like them. ( I know that for me, finding out Aokana was mosaiced after I spent 35 bucks for it did not sit well with me). As that ultimately will be a deal breaker, especially when dealing with these types of games and with Melty being mosaics where as other games are not, I suppose that you can see why this game has been placed on the back burner.
  3. I just bought Aokana, so I will see just how much the mosaics block out, but essentially it's like this. If I buy a game to enjoy the story as much as the sex that comes with it, then it better be uncensored and mosaic free. Especially if that game costs 35 bucks, which most of the games on here do. There may be laws in Japan, but in the west it's different. What's the sense in watching censored porn? To that end, while the concepts and games are pretty good here, the fact is that that half the games are indeed mosaiced which is a deal breaker in that regard. Maybe if you guys ask nicely, over and over, you can get these developers to allow you to remove them.
  4. OmnislashXX

    A Greeting and a Question

    Hello there. I just bought my first game from Nekoyan on Steam and downloaded the 18+ Patch to remove all the censoring nonsense so that I could play the game as it was meant to be played. The game I downloaded was Aokana and so far I really can't put it down. It sucks that I have to take a break from it. Anywho, here's my question. Melty Moment is a game you have advertised on your site, but It's not for sale anywhere yet and I don't see anything that tells me if you have a release date. So what is the status of it? Edit : Nevermind. Answered my own question.