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  1. SkyAbove

    Broken and Wrong CGs on Elle's Route game ver.1.02

    Had the same things happen, patched Steam version with 1440p DLC. Also to add to this, earlier in the route there are instances where Elle is shown taking a shower (it's not during one of the H scenes), there's a problem with her sprite, her face is improperly placed to the right of her head, it's also lower than it should be. It's similar to what's happening to Sylvie in the last screenshot provided by Hardwon, just way, way worse. Edit: Figured it out, it seems to be happening only to naked sprites and went away after I removed the DLC, my resolution is 1080p so I guess it's because of that. Still, weird, because it only happens to naked sprites and the rest of the time it doesn't seem to make any noticeable difference. Hope this info helps (if there's anybody still using this forum...)
  2. Just dropping some feedback because it seems to me that the decision to mostly drop them ended up causing more bad than good. First of all, isn't it just easier to keep them as they are? Secondly, in the game there are entire discussions between characters where they are the main topic so you go from pretending they don't exist to suddenly being forced to acknowlege them and it doesn't work well in my opinion. Finally, this is just personal preference, but I'd rather the translation stayed true to the orginal when it's such a basic thing. I get you need do some word gymnastics to make the jokes work and whatnot, but there's no need to overdo it. I respect the decision though. Not something major, but it left a strong enough impression on me that I wanted to mention it here. Oh, and btw, NekoNyanSoft, you're plannig to release the fandisc for Making*Lovers, please consider doing it for this game as well . Cheers.
  3. SkyAbove

    Aokana Drama CDs 5-7

    I'd love to know as well, I think there've been some mentions about them on the Aokana Kickstarter, but would be nice to have something more concrete.
  4. SkyAbove

    Could you give an update on some future releases?

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Saw that Aokana Extra 2 news retweet from NNS, made me lose my mind, hope that means you guys will be able to pick that up for translation whenever that's actually a thing (I'm not beyond begging when it comes to that one :D). Cheers for now.
  5. To be specific, I wanted to ask about two of them: - What's the status of the Steam release of Aokana's Drama CDs #3 and #4? It's been a while since the announcement and they've been available for like a month already on NN site, some unforseen obstacles came up? Will they have to be altered or changed in any way to be allowed on the store? - I read in one of the blog posts about a more complete version of Fureraba coming out at a later date, any updates on what's in it, when can it be expected and where it will be released? Dunno if I should wait for it or go for the current version plus fandisc. - While I'm on topic of Smee VNs, would be cool if you could consider releasing Making*Lovers fandisc at some point, saw another thread where it seemed that was something you might do and I'd be all for that. Thanks in advance, keep doing a good job, you're killing it so far.
  6. Ah, that's a little sad to hear but hopefully I'll manage to get my hands on it when I figure out how to purchase stuff on Japanese sites. Bummed about no additional stuff, guess those are posters or ads like you sad. Dammit, why can't there be more! Thanks for replying Neb Neb. Hyped to read other VNs from you guys. Oh, and congrats on Aokana's release, hope everything goes great on the 27th and beyond!
  7. Hello, I finished the game recently and I loved it through and through to a point where I desperately would love to see more of any content related to it. After checking out the official site of ASA Project I've noticed they are selling the soundtrack (I think so at least, I don't know Japanese) and I was wondering if there's a chance for it to be released by NekoNyanSoft as well, cause I would absolutely love to buy it as I enjoyed the music in the game a lot. I'm not sure what sort of other stuff they produced for the game, but I saw some CGs not included in the novel on their site and some links to external online stores next to them on the site as well. I couldn't tell what kind of content that was, but if it's like Afterstories DLCs or bonus disks for some other VN's or anything of the kind (or anything at all really) I would love to buy it so much as well. You can check it out here. Thanks NNS for your hard work, can't wait to check out more stuff from you.