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  1. KingDrago

    If My Heart Have Wings Series and A Sky Full of Stars

    I believe the developers (Fulltop) are signed with MoeNovels since most of the VNs MoeNovels had licensed are from them. So if you do have the chance to um buy the rights and license from MoeNovels please do the IMHHW series and A Sky Full of Stars. They are great series from what I've heard and would like to experience the full journey rather than paying for a ridiculously censored and cut out version.
  2. Again I know I'm asking for a lot here but seriously, these series are not getting the treatment they deserve. Censorship in this community is actually complete bullshit. MoeNovels literally cut out so much content (not including the H-Scenes) from the games. They cut out an entire route from the game. It's actually absurd that so many good games are left in the wrong hands. I know this is probably impossible and would be a really expensive and troubling process in getting the rights and licensing from MoeNovels. However, you miss every shot you don't take so please NN. You are one of the few lights in this community and please grant us a non censored version, a 18+ ver of the IMHHW series.
  3. Just checked their progress thingy and it's not therr
  4. The thing is we don't even know if Dracu-Riot is still licensed by Sekai since they didn't even include it in their update/progress blog a while back.
  5. Now hear me out. I know it's been licensed and already translated and sold. BUT. BUT it's only available in all ages version. NOW. For a game with a lot of H-scenes and extremely fan service orientrd, and to have all of that taken away, made the game a shadow of itself. In more exact terms, it made it shit. If you would please make a full version of the game, it'll mean the world to me.
  6. KingDrago

    White Album 2

    I still think an official translation/licence would do the game justice. It is considered a masterpiece in the community after all
  7. KingDrago

    White Album 2

    It's a classic that I know most people have heard. It had a pretty good anime adaptation of the beginning chapter but it leaves us with no conclusion as as I said - only the beginning chapter - that is used to set the story in place. It's a title I know a lot of people would love to experience, myself included. Please make this happen
  8. Well I know Dracu-Riot got picked up by Sekai Projects 2 years ago, but checking their project updates and finding that Dracu-Riot is no where to be found lead me to think they might've dropped Dracuriot along with giving Senren Banka to you guys (?). Rewrite was announced along Dracu-Riot and Senren Banka. Rewrite is in their update blogs while Dracu-Riot is no where to be found and we know the story for Senren Banka. Y'all don't respond to forums which means we'll probably not going to get an answer to that question or even know if you guys are actually reading these or not but if my theory is correct. Please considering doing Dracu-riot and Amairo Islenauts, Riddle Joker and the future titles Yuzusoft releases. I'm pretty sure Sanoba Witch was a really big hit for you guys and continuing the partnership with a company like Yuzusoft is going to help making you guys a big name in the industry. (Not like you guys aren't or anything)