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  1. Taiketsu

    Secret Project #1 - The title is~~~

    Dracu-riot might be bc SP dropped? it or something and Astral Air would be awesome since i loved Hoshizora <3
  2. Taiketsu

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    Yeah im rly glad like many others they decided to continue and even surpirsed us on how much work they already did on it. For a fansub grp they work fast and do a great job at translation that some other companies ( no names sad SP "cough").
  3. Taiketsu

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    ttsurezurescans is back and already did quite a bit of work on Giniro so around 6 months until they might finished if they keep up the old pace :D
  4. Taiketsu

    If My Heart Have Wings Series and A Sky Full of Stars

    Well if that rly is the case that would suck D: on the other side would Pulltop shot themself in the leg bc many vn reader want the full version of a game if it has 18+ content. Tbh i mostly want he 18+ content bc its the "uncut" version in terms of dialouge and chara development. And we all know that some hentai scenes do rly well in chara bonding others are just there for the sex. What i can tell so far on Pulltop titles ( only read IMHHW and 1 route in Sky star) that the hentai content did support chara building.
  5. Taiketsu

    If My Heart Have Wings Series and A Sky Full of Stars

    Thats i guess a long awaited wish for many fans of the pulltop visual novels, while some ppl over at fuwanovel are working on an restoration patch for sky like they did for IMHHW its kinda sad that MoeNovel is so "silent" regarding costumer wishes even after Steam "allowed" eroge games now. Like u sad IMHHW Ageha route was an distaster and the fandisc i didnt even touch bc they did cut a complete route if i remember right. I still remeber how emotional i was with IMHHW and it was a great game (after patch ofc) and i only read the 1. route of Sky full of stars and it was "better" as they other releases but still its missing. Many hope that MoeNovel either (which is unlikely) give 18+ patches out or another companie gets there hands on Pulltop licenes which would even benefit them bc there titles are great and more ppl would buy them if they were releases as they should be.
  6. Well i dont know how busy Sekai Project is or how there inner structure works but i agree that i would love to see Neko do all Yuzusoft titles. On the other hand there is the licensing issue which i guess Neko would have to buy? from Sekai or Yuzusoft itself or other problems could arrise bc Sekai has the rights at the moment. While Sekai might be slow (waiting for Rewrite+ myself and Dracu-Riot) we should be glad that 1. they got licensed in the first place even if it takes time and 2. that over the recent years Visual Novels got more attention in the west and many more companies like Neko, Sol Press etc. rising up and bring us those title. Some might be faster some slower but overall we should be grateful for those titles we dont have to "pirat" and are able to support the creators.
  7. Taiketsu

    White Album 2

    not to make light of subgrps who dont sell the translation, but White Album 2 is almost completly translated. Only the last part of the 3 game arc "Coda" is left to translate.
  8. Taiketsu

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    Yeah Tsurezurescans did a fantastic job on every title they translatet, but tbh i think Nekonyan would be my favorite subgrp since alone this Aokana project or the other titles (like yuzusoft and i love yuzusoft since Dracu-riot <3) do response fast to request and do a overall good job (just my opinion others may differ) and i would love to see Nekonyan to get there hands on Tone Works current and future titles. I mean i read so much about Ginharu that it is supposed to be even better than Hoshi Ori. So if Hatsukoi and Hoshi Ori were great future titles cant be that bad, just sad that Tone Works doesnt get much attention as it seems.
  9. Taiketsu

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    Can only agree with this, read also both Hatsukoi,Hoshi Ori and Tone Works needs some1 translating there titles and get money for it. Hoshi Ori is my most favorite title bc of the slice of life elements and after story, most title are like "become a couple -> hentai scenes -> bit of drama -> finish" but here we got more alone of there lifes further down. If i didnt read wrong the other titles are also likes this and should come to the west <3