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  1. Veshurik

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    tone works VN is so difficult... I mean, in budget comparison. Localisation can costs TON OF MONEY. It is not a joke. Kickstarter again?.. :(
  2. Veshurik

    Company Mascot

    Thanks for changing a logo :)
  3. Veshurik

    Merchandise From Released VN's

    +++ Me too! Really want merchandise.
  4. Veshurik

    Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos

    Well, about Chrono Clock... I think almost everyone hate that game, just because, well, plot and writers who worked on that game... I don't think that Atropos would be worse than Chrono Clock, but Hulotte games are usually very long, so... Yeah, I don't know if we ever get them in English
  5. Veshurik

    Request to Translate Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo [School Girls Stories]

    Umh, well... every has his own opinion... But that doesn't mean that title shouldn't be translated. That is still a nice story... By the way, Majo Koi Nikki also will released in English, so, why not Koikake then? Ahaha... I also has JP physical version on my shelf with artbook. That is just awesome.
  6. Veshurik

    Will Making*Lovers get its fandisc translated?

    RIP Wagahigh OC from Sekai, if you mean that... ahaha :(
  7. Veshurik

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Freelance translator outside of Nekonyan for Hello Lady? I hope it will be with good quality, you know...
  8. Veshurik

    Any Japanese walkthrough for Hello, Goodbye?

    As I can see, there is also Japanese campaign about that game?.. ・http://www.lumpofsugar.co.jp/product/hgb_sp/index.html
  9. Veshurik

    December Announcements!

    Yuzusoft: "Sekai, dear, explain, please, why you can't release our games for years, when Nekonyan Soft just released our game in few months after licensing... And it's not machine translation". Sekai: "Ehm... eeh... Yuzusoft-sama... E-eh... *breathing heavily*..." Yuzusoft: "Sayonara, Sekai. We are closing the partnership with you". Sekai: "Oh, no... (minus one else developer) I beg you, no!" Yuzusoft: "You time is up. You're now not on the throne in the West, Sekai-san. Now it's my time to shine".
  10. Thank you. Oh, reading VN in Japanese it totally terrible. More like suffering, if you don't know it well... Not even comparing in English.
  11. Finally Noratoto almost here! Phew, 2019...
  12. Veshurik

    Kadokawa announcements and anime expo infos

    Eh... No? Oh, sorry, but I also interested.
  13. Oh my gosh, team Nekonyan, I hope, eat good and have a good life?!
  14. I really love point and click (quest) games! And rhythm games! For quest I usually play games by Big Fish, Artifex Mundi... I also love time management games by GameHouse... Rhythm games - Love Live School Idol Festival, Bang Dream Girls Band Party, Uta no Prince-sama... Etc :)