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    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Someone has posted it in steam, but I'll do it here anyway to make sure NN know the problem. This VN uses high CPU/GPU usage, and any simple VNs like this shouldn't be used this much usage. According to the steam users there, this is most likely because the FPS problems. Pict related is what I have in my laptop when I play the VN (This is using intel integrated gpu btw). Edited: Might as well comparing this to NN's another work, Sanoba Witch.
  2. noname

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Any news about this yet?
  3. noname

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Haha not really, just my laptop fan is running fast like when I play non-VN games. Anyway, thanks. I will wait for the bug patch.
  4. noname

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Ah, does the original game have the same problem as well? Anyway, I've tried using RivaTuner to lock the FPS, the GPU usage was coming back to "normal" but the CPU usage was still the same. Changing display resolution to smaller resolution doesn't help either. So there isn't just one problem, it seems.