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  1. Onii-chan

    Fureraba release

    Well the new laws were made to soothe the dumb mass after some crazy child-raper has been captured. The first versions for these harsher laws would have been applyable for everything that might turn someone on and features something human like that can't be distinguished to 200% from a child. Because the terminology used, it could be interpreted for everyone under the visual age of 30 and at least an B-cup(both a bit exaggerated) and a lot of protest came up from women rights organisation about the breast stuff. The later version were then tamed down a bit and finally the current bull-crap passed. Regarding Game of Thrones, well it's the same as with Twich: YanderSimulator got banned for pantie-shoots while Conan Exile futures complete nudity and clearly breaks Twich's rules, but it's popular so nothing happens. For Rome and Juliet, the German laws are only in regards to depiction(as far as I know), you can write all the crazy shit you want like children-gang-rape in the original "IT"-book. Funfact: In Germany printed books have no age restriction while their identical e-books have one, because they are telemedia for which the movie rating organisation FSK is responsible... That's a relief I was already wondering, why only so few have been released there, so thanks for this disturbing info
  2. Onii-chan

    Fureraba release

    "we underestimated the extends of German bureaucracy" Well... I hope you're not referring to the USK rating agency and that you were so crazy to apply for a rating there. If you really did this fatal mistake PLEASE don't do it in the future. There are some things you should know about the German age rating system. The USK is currently on an "anime hate trip" and games that were previously rated 16 are now refused and pronounced child porn. The reason for this change might be a recent(summer 2016) change to the child porn laws to include fictional characters that look underage("real" age doesn't matter) and a new posing offense. This new constellation allows nearly everything with anime and a touch of ecchi to be labeled as child porn. At the moment the USK not that strict to apply it to the standard "school girl falls and you see her panties" scenario but I highly recommend to simply live in the twilight and not risk to be pushed into the darkness(see ratings below). Also if they would find out about the steam patch, the game would be an instant "Liste D" game and some feminazis might even go to curt. I also provide you with an overview of all possible "ratings": 0, 6, 12, 16, 18 - These are the only real ratings assigned by the USK and their only restriction is the age they represent. Also any parent can legally buy his adolescent child a game rated above it's real age. Liste A, Liste C - Every unrated game will be treated as Liste A and therefore can only be sold/possessed to/by adults(18+) in separated storefronts and can't be advertised. Liste A is a public list containing only the Games refused by the USK and categorized as Liste A(as mentioned all unrated games are also Liste A even if they are not listed there). Liste C is a hidden list but has the same repressions as Liste A. Liste B, Liste D - Games categorized as Liste B are prohibited to sold inside Germany but every adult can import and possess them legally as long as nobody else can see him playing it. Playing the game in front of someone counts as distribution and is prohibited (you are allowed to play it by your self!). Games in this sections are treated as likely illegal, but they are legal until a curt declares them to be illegal (or legal which would automatically change them to List A). Also after 25 years or a new rating request, the game will be changed to Liste A or the new rating result. Liste D is the hidden variant of Liste B like Liste C for Liste A. Beschlagnahmt - These games are to be confiscated(ger. beschlagnahmen) and therefor not allowed at all. Only a curt can pronounce a game confiscated if they deem them to break German laws. While the uncut version of fureraba would likely break german laws, as long as nobody goes actively to a curt, a game will never end up confiscated. Now you might say "Well if we'll be placed on Liste A because we only want a rating for the steam version what does it matter? Steam sells unrated(Liste A) games.", but you're wrong. Steam forces it's own rules on publishers and therefore auto-bans games with swastikas or games officially(!) listed on Liste A to D. You advised to keep things unrated and therefor not be physically listed on Liste A. You won't face any problems on steam if you haven't got an USK rating. You can even publish games that would be categorized as Liste B like Dies Irae. Dies Irae contains SS-runes which are also "prohibited" like swastikas but they never tried to get their rating and chose the store screenshots to not show them(even if they would be visible steam thinks that only swastikas are "prohibited"). There are only TWO real reasons to apply for an USK rating: 1. You want to sell hardcopys directly inside germany(export to germany is fine without USK). 2. You want to release your game on console. Sadly every console requires an USK rating for their games. (3. You definitely(!) know that your game will receive at least rating 18 and want to life with a completely reassured mind that nothing can ever happen to your game. (As mentioned above, games that already had their identical first parts rated as 16 are now refused. The rated first parts would also share this fate but they have already been rated and therefore are safe forever)) To conclude my extremely long comment: Don't let your games be rated for Germany, Australia and New Zeeland as long as you only wan't to distribute them international and not directly inside those states. On another note, it would be great if you could bring the uncut(!) version to gog.com. While I'll be waiting on the hardcopy version, I recommend to support them as a DRM free alternative to steam.
  3. Onii-chan

    Touchscreen support

    I prefer to play VNs on my windows tablet. Sadly some games are nearly unusable because I have to double tab everything including next message or even tab and drag the mouse to the intendet position, then tab again to make a click there(the first tab also results in a click on the initial position). Also menus accessible only over keyboard keys like “esc” are useless with touchscreen. I would appreciate if you manged to make the menu accessible with only left or right clicks and a simple touch results in a mouse click on that position.
  4. Onii-chan

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    While I prefer the Mosaic less versions, a toggle option would be great deal. As zecknor in the first post mentioned, what about hiring someone (preferable the original artists) to draw the never drawn parts? You could even couple this as a stretch goal in a crowdfunding for hardcopys if it would be to expensive. As far as I could see all your titles are either mosaic free or nothing was drawn underneath so no company had anything to complain when you asked for mosaic free releases. Also on another note, what about honorifics and japanese terms like sempai/sensei? While I prefer them, I think Sakura Sakura's solution with an in-game option to toggle them would be the best.