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  1. TsukiBaka

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Sweet, just checked it out via https://www.toypla.com/event_info/yuzu-soft_shop/ Going to definitely try to get some stuff~ Also, I just got done reading what was available for Amairo Islenauts, and I REALLLLLLY would like it to be Translated. All of the heroines have wonderful character, and it's an interesting story that has a little bit of mystery/fantasy involved in it. The MC is not a usual trope (At least from what I know) as he's actually everyone's sensei along with 1 teacher being a potential love interest (or so it seems). The premise is quite nice and unique, with great voice acting, music, and more. I need.. more.. Masaki.. https://streamable.com/29kno
  2. TsukiBaka

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    All in favor for more Yuzusoft titles!!! Really want to read Amairo Islenauts, really sad that it never finished even for FanTL