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  1. adamchan2010

    Your Top 3 Visual Novels

    In terms of the ones I've read... 1. Umineko - I started reading it December last year, currently reading chapter 7 (waited for the Answer Arc to be on steam sale). It can be fun, dark, intriguing and it's probably got me interested in the mystery genre. I can confidently say I feel like I've gained something from reading it, and not just a boner. Also the music is great. 2. Hoshimemo - I think this was my first romance themed reads, excluding Katawa Shoujo anyway, so I've got some nostalgic bias here I'm sure... I really like the art and the characters, even if they are somewhat generic. There are definitely visual novels that I would say have better art, but either I haven't read them myself or the stories of are like... ehhhhh nekopara. 3. Saya no Uta - I think I like these moral questioning types the best, but other than Saya no Uta I haven't read much more. I love it but it's not a long or completely pleasant read. It doesn't get me thinking like Umineko and I would say the art, what little of it there is, is a bit outdated... One hell of a rollercoaster though, I seem to like a lot of Nitroplus's / Gen Urobuchi's works. Honourable mentions to Grisaia, I read 50% of the first game, loved it, but then the anime came out and I ruined it for myself by watching it, and I haven't continued reading the visual novel since... yaaaaaaay... That being said, there are a ton of anime adaptations I've watched and loved such as Clannad, Phantom of Inferno, the Fate series (Though I'm getting sick of all the sequels/spin-offs), which I may never get to read anyway, so it's a bit of a trade-off.
  2. adamchan2010

    Monobeno ~Happy End

    I also want this translated, even an all age version (Because likely a third party would do the rest). I need to know why the loli is soo smug. Also Alice looks cute.
  3. adamchan2010


    I would say "I like good anime" but I also like utter trash. If the show either features top tier waifus or is fundamentally great, I'll probably like it. Some favourites of mine though are Fate/Zero, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and of course, Boku no Pico.
  4. adamchan2010

    Flyable Heart

    I'd like to see this too, it's nice and simple with cute girls
  5. adamchan2010

    gokigenyou everyone

    I've always liked Yuzusoft's products so really excited for Sanoba Witch! Usually I like VNs with deep lore and intense stories like Tsukihime, Umineko and Uta no Saya; but I also enjoy junk food like Monmusu Quest, NekoPara and CM3D 1/2. That's all I can really think to say at the moment, but I hope NekoNyan does and provides well P.S. I was thinking of putting "minna" in the title but didn't want my satire to come off as me only being a romaji speaking weeaboo.