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  1. Malamasala

    Fureraba release

    Not sure where to buy this later. I like Steam keeping track of my games, and pushing them to host less murder simulators and more love simulators. But I'm also a bit curious at giving FAKKU a chance, mostly because they are not Nutaku. But you seem to claim you want people to use your own storefront and offer fan discs there. Making it difficult to choose.
  2. Malamasala

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I prefer hair, light, foreground etc. objects covering the parts rather than mosaic when option is available. As it looks more artful and still accomplishes the goal of covering something up. Not sure why people always go the easy route of mosaic when they could actually show that they care and are willing to offer good art.
  3. Malamasala

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I think you will find a small group of people that will skip games for the tiniest reasons. Some if there aren't honorifics, some if there are, others if there is porn, others if there are not porn. Usually not worth trying to appeal to them, but as it goes both ways, it is easiest to mostly just keep what is already there.
  4. Malamasala

    Heroine name change

    As a rule of thumb I'd say removing something is always worse than doing nothing. And Chrono Clock is still the worse translation ever made. No other company than Sekai would let that linger to ruin their reputation. Mikandi would already be on re-translating it. MG would have promised to fix it. Jast would promise a patch to fix it. And I'm not sure how good an argument it is when someone says they could read pope, pop, poop, the same way. Because it sounds more like they are lacking knowledge in how things are pronounced. The letters will always make a difference for people with the best linguistic skills.
  5. Malamasala

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Not finding the quote machine but... "Basic honorifics and terms will be left in for everything as far as I know, so there isn't much need for a toggle." While I don't need it as I want honorifics, I think in that case the toggle would be for people who hate honorifics and thinks the translation becomes trash with it kept.
  6. Malamasala

    Heroine name change

    Considering you are doing moege, I would say it is much more important that you keep honorifics, onii-chan, and similar classics that we all expect from moege. There is nothing worse than reading romance VNs about "Hey Sara", "Don't call me Sara. Call me Sara", "Ok Sara, I mean Sara" or the random stranger loli who smugly says "onii-chan" to strike chord at the MC, and then it is replaced with "big bro". What kind of otaku get erections from being called big bro? On to the topic of name spelling. It helps when characters have very similar names, like Yuka and Yuuka and trying to tell them apart. Not to mention I obviously pronounce Yuka as Yuka and Yuuka as Yu-ka. So the spelling kind of tells me how to read the name, like if it was the intention with different spellings to begin with. I'm also a little worried that you seem to treat ou and ei differently, when it is just the way Japanese write oo and ee. It is still long vowels like ii and uu. If you are just going to randomly throw out letters, I'd prefer if you kept them all. It also ensures you don't botch stuff like ojou-sama and onii-chan on the off chance they survive through a localization process. To be fair. I don't notice when they are gone, because it reads as normal. But I notice when they are kept, and it feels better.
  7. Malamasala

    Flyable Heart

    I remember that game. Someone made a fan translation for it, and insisted that if the translation didn't look like the dictionary, it was not correct. So it is basically a machine translation where someone insisted it was as machine approved as possible. A real release would have been nice.
  8. Malamasala

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    My personal opinion about mosaic on top of "nothing" is that I'd rather they redid it with smaller pixels on the censorship. For example if the original is 5x5 pixels of mosaic blocks, lowering it to 3x3 pixels would probably look much better for everyone. I base this mostly on having seen different block sizes on mosaic and noticed how it can look both like there is something behind, and it can look like someone had a life goal of making sure nobody guessed what was behind.