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  1. bakauchuujin

    How weeb is your room?!

    I figured I would try to resurrect this thread so here are my different collections of things, I know I have showed pictures of my room already but the different things don't really stand out that much on my room. My collection of physical VNs on PC. My VNs on console My hybrid VNs that aren't considered VNs on vndb My japanese manga and some light novels My english manga My anime blu ray collection My artbooks My wallscrolls My figures (have a few new ones so figured I might as well add it, even though I have shown it before)
  2. bakauchuujin

    Request submission for Haru to yuki,

    Just think of all the rewards you get for knowing japanese. Being able to read VNs that will never get translated, being able to read things from official japanese sites, things like official VN site or anime site and if you go to japan you can pick up a ton of cheap used manga in good condition. Think about those kind of things as motivations.
  3. bakauchuujin

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    For me you can either go with a kickstarter or the certain numbers of pre-orders. As long as you don't have years of delays like FW or SP and I can get the physical I am all for it.
  4. Pretty sure that was supposed to have shipped out already, you should probably contact SP about not having gotten them yet.
  5. I know about that one but that shoulder and elbow is just way too perverted, think of the children
  6. Well in that you can actually see parts of the body that aren't the face, way too lewd for an english release for PS4.
  7. Only for PS4 with extra added light-beams because their original consoring isn't enough for sensible people in the west. Total amount of white colour = 70% of the VN. I expect it to look roughly like this.
  8. bakauchuujin

    When will Nekonyan be considered successful?

    Success = have released at least 3 VNs physically
  9. bakauchuujin

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Hope one of those topics is physical release.
  10. bakauchuujin

    Localization Request Masterlist (Check Here First)

    This should be moved now since Sol Press got it.
  11. bakauchuujin

    Hello everyone

    Not really a recommandation in itself but https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/20266-list-of-vns-with-official-english-release/ List of pretty much everything officially released in english with titles sorted into which company released them how many votes they have on vndb and the average score of the votes on vndb. Think it could be quite usefull when looking for interesting titles. As for more concrete recommandations well Princess Evangile is quite a nice lighthearted VN with likeable characters and in my opinion generally quite good comedy. If you want something a bit more dark and story driven I would recommend euphoria, first part of each route is really heavy on H-scenes but the later parts focus more on the story which I think is really interesting, at least the execution of the story (btw it has a lot of disturbing parts). Since you haven't really mentioned any speficic genre you want to read from or that you want to avoid it is a bit hard to give a good recommandation though.
  12. If each copy doesn't cost a lot I will consider it, otherwise I will only buy one physical copy.
  13. Not able to find it atm, but I am pretty sure they mentioned that they had used their current money on licenses and that they would first need to get some money from selling Sanoba Witch digitally before having enough to produce the physicals.
  14. bakauchuujin

    How weeb is your room?!

    Well here are some pictures, also sorry for them being blurry.
  15. bakauchuujin

    Lunaris Filia ~Kiss to keyaku to shinku no hitomi~

    Taking into consideration that it is a whirlpool title I would assume that if it were to be translated it would be by SP.