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  1. I wish A Chan from Little Busters had a route. https://vndb.org/c4874
  2. Yelsha

    Izayoi No Fortuna

  3. Yelsha

    Izayoi No Fortuna

    Same here
  4. Yelsha

    Izayoi No Fortuna

    Same here Fripside is amazing.
  5. Yelsha

    Izayoi No Fortuna

    I listen to this op a lot, and I love the artstyle. It also has a an interesting plot. I think this would be a cool vn to read. https://vndb.org/v9913
  6. Yelsha

    Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

    I really want to read this. The op is very nice and the artstyle is beautiful. It also has a very interesting plot. I hope it gets an official localization.
  7. Yelsha

    Request for Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

    I hope this gets localized. I think it looks like a fun read, and the artstyle is pretty. I also want to read Princess Lover.
  8. Yelsha

    Hello everyone!

    Same, they're so good.
  9. Yelsha

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, welcome to the forums. My 1st 3 vns were Grisaia, G Senjou No Maou, and Clannad. I love all 3 of them.
  10. Yelsha

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    Let's see, it's by Saga Planets, looks super cute, has a neat plot, and it is on my vndb wishlist. Count me in!
  11. Yelsha

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    I would love to read this too. I just love the op song. I hope this gets picked up by someone. It would be nice if it was Neko Nyan.
  12. Yelsha

    Shuffle Essence +

    I really want essence +. It has so many routes compared to the Steam version which wasn't bad, but not the greatest imo. I just hope Navel will decide to sell their vns to another good company. Too bad Mangagamer can't localize anymore, but maybe someone like this one can. There are a lot of Navel titles I wish to read.
  13. Yelsha

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Yes, but I don't think it got fully translated, cause before it did Sekai project announced it a few years ago.