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  1. Tom-Cruise

    Giga's Kiss series

    Don't forget about this one. It's the REAL CLASSIC.
  2. It gone. My hope. My dream. My motivation. My ambition. All gone. Ded.
  3. Tom-Cruise

    Yuzusoft Artbooks

  4. Tom-Cruise

    Soi Kano ~Gyutto Dakishimete~

    https://vndb.org/v22033#main SOY Kano ~Gyutto Dakishimete~ is a fairly new Visual Novel by Giga (Baldr Sky) that I randomly came across while browsing their portfolio. The MC apparently has Insomnia, which I could relate to because I also suffered from one during my highschool years (RIP my grades), and the girls were adorable(thigh high=yes). So, it got my attention. I decided to do a bit of research on this game and ,to my surprise, found out there was a hentai adaptation. Did I watch it? Of course I did. Don't ask silly questions! How was it? well......... I entered a website and typed the name in. Checked the tags. No Rape. No NTR. No Harem. No Rape. No Ahegao. Vanilla. Good, just the way I like it. I pressed the play button. And HOLY FUCK where has this been in my life. The animation was surprisingly nice for a hentai, just like a normal anime. Heck, 5 mins in, I totally forgot I was watching a hentai because it was so pleasant. The characters were so sweet and it was kinda funny at times. It wasn't until the fucking began that I remembered "Oh yeah, this was a hentai" but it still manages to be diabetic inducing because of the main heroine. Anyways the 30 minutes was worth it and It is now my 2nd most wanted VN for localization (Sakura No Uta is 1st). So yeah........I need it............GIVE MEH PLEASE!!!! IF NOT, THEN DO IT FOR HER! Give mah girl Yoake a place to shine. I'm beggin ya
  5. Tom-Cruise

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome my brother.
  6. Tom-Cruise

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    YES!!!! I would KILL for a localization of ANY Saga Planet VN.
  7. Tom-Cruise

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    I'm surprised this one hasn't even been picked up by anyone yet(not even SakuraGames.........but lets not give them ideas *shudder*).
  8. Tom-Cruise

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Classic Sekai Project. Of course they would.
  9. My cousin has been breaking down my bedroom door everyday and screaming "WHERE IS IT?!?!?! WHERE IS MUH FANDISK RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!!!!!!!!!!!!". This has been happening since the day she finished Fureraba 2 months ago and I didn't even know she was playing it, cheeky little bastard. Please tell me it's coming out soon, my door isn't gonna hold any longer and there's already a freaking dent on my wall from the doorknob. Ugu
  10. Tom-Cruise

    Shuffle Essence +

    Rin and Mayumi's route were the only things that eased my buyer's remorse. But yeah, like everything you've just stated above, I wouldn't recommend it unless the discount is above 50% off.
  11. Tom-Cruise

    Fureraba fandisk release date?

    Some of the details were exaggerated for comedic purposes of course, but I've obviously failed to make you laugh. And what's wrong with asking for a released date for a fandisk they're next to finished with?
  12. Tom-Cruise

    Any news on the Fureraba fan disc?

    So um.... I'm guessing you guys are releasing this VERY soon right.
  13. Tom-Cruise

    Any Japanese walkthrough for Hello, Goodbye?

    haha shit happens
  14. Tom-Cruise

    Shuffle Essence +

    ye boi
  15. Tom-Cruise

    Shuffle Essence +

    tfw you bought Yumehaven's version on steam without doing any prior research.............
  16. Tom-Cruise

    Any Japanese walkthrough for Hello, Goodbye?

    One of the staff said on discord that he would make a super simple walkthrough, so no worries.
  17. ALRIGHT!!! Let's take a look at my shopping list for this week and the week after... . Resident evil 2 remake . Hello; Goodbye . Sugar Style . Ace combat 7 . Kingdom Hearts 3 . No more heroes Travis strikes again . A Nintendo Switch . my rent . My medical bill . My college fees . My booze Guess I won't be needing my second kidney after all.
  18. Tom-Cruise

    January is killing me...

    NAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I wish I was, but college debt is a real bitch to me. I just so happened to have won a $500 dollar gift card at my local supermarket 2 years ago during Christmas, so I thought I might as well just use it all before it expires. These are probably the only games I'll be getting this year because final exams are coming up and I won't have time for much gaming.................or that's what I'm telling myself, Melty Moment and Making Lovers looks great.
  19. Tom-Cruise

    Trails of Cold Steel 3 Localization Announced

    After the sewage waste that was the Ys viii localisation (loved the game though) , I'm surprised Falcom is still willing to give NIS America another chance at touching another one of their games. Let's just hope they'll be able to redeem themselves with this one.
  20. Tom-Cruise

    Will Makingļ¼ŠLovers get its fandisc translated?

    RIGHT! Gotta find a way to put myself into a coma till Winter!
  21. This question just popped into my head suddenly and it's kinda bugging me now. Would the unpatched version have the Ps vita contents or would all the sex scenes be censored completely or just won't be there at all? I can't seem to find any answers on forums and I can't be bothered uninstalling and reinstalling Fureraba while losing all my save files in the process.
  22. Tom-Cruise

    December Announcements!

    well well, it might not be so "impossible" after all.
  23. Tom-Cruise

    December Announcements!

    I bet they have the ability to turn water into wine as well.
  24. Tom-Cruise

    December Announcements!

    *looks over at noose* "not today old friend." *throws it away*