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  1. dust10

    Hello,good-bye no audio

    Hey just wanted to say I fixed the issue. I don't know the reason why but Unity in general doesn't seem to want to play nice with Asus Sonic Studio 3. I tested several games running Unity and they were all mute. I had to disable Sonic Studio 3 to get the audio playing on Unity games. Why this happens though is a mystery since everything works with Unity being the only exemption. Probably a Unity problem? Anyways problem solved.
  2. dust10

    Hello,good-bye no audio

    Yeah, I've tried reinstalling it but unfortunately did nothing to fix it. If it helps knowing, I use a Windows 10 Home and installed the game in a separate HDD because my main SSD is running low on space.
  3. Hello, Just got around to playing this but immediately noticed something was off. Mainly that the game was not playing any audio at all. I thought that was how it was at the start so played a few 30 minutes in yet not a single audio played at that time span. I would see the BGM title change and also click the voice tab for playback yet nothing. I would also like to say that my speakers are working as I can hear the audio on all my other games & videos, and I've made sure to check my volume mixer to see if I didn't stupidly mute it there as well. Not sure what's going on as I also got Sabbat of the Witch here and that played perfectly. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  4. dust10

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    I'm concerned about the new engine to be honest. You mentioned using Unity to make a new engine so does that mean I'll have to install some new library to make it run? I'm using a pretty outdated laptop for all my VNs because they can run just fine in it so I'm worried the new engine yet alone Unity would run on it. As for physical, I think the hardest hurdle would be the shipping because you have no control over it. If by chance it gets lost in transit or is somehow damaged when reaching the customer then that's a lot more work to do.
  5. dust10

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    Noticed that there's a bunch of patch files in the main yuzusoft page of sanoba. Maybe applying all of those will fix the problem? Not sure what version nekonyansoft released so I can't really tell.