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    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    【修正パッチ Ver.1.20】(2015.4/24 Thats their latest patch and its the same version we have now
  2. Wildbreed

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    I solved the problem.. However this wont work with the steam version.. Make sure your game is located on your system Drive.. create a shortcut for your exe on the desktop. now configure this shortcut to run in compatibility mode of Windows 7 and set it to run as administrator. Before for every scene the memory use to keep piling up until it reached around 1.5gb till it had to restart.. Now after doing the above steps memory automatically purges when it reaches around 1gb and that error does not show up. Edit: Scratch all that, The damn bug is still there.. it just doesn't happen that frequently..
  3. Wildbreed

    Irotoridori no Sekai Announcement

    Guys lets not rub it in shall we? i am pretty sure you guys have no idea at what goes on behind the scenes to secure these contracts.. all i can say is. that i am pretty sure there were more publishers other than SolPress who were in talks with Favorite to acquire the license for Irotoridori .. However and this is what i think.. that the recent successful funding of VBF on kickstarter might have swung Favorite in SolPress favour.... Now all this is just business...but some people who are new to this dont take it so well (not pointing at anyone here Just giving a general opinion ) It happens in the beginning.. but then you learn to deal with it..i know you feel betrayed but that is how it is..i know this from experience... I am just going to keep it at that
  4. Wildbreed

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    Yea This happens to me as well.. apparently its a bug they were not able to fix.. clicking yes should solve the problem. However its keeps recurring time and again.. and is an annoyance in some situations.. at one point i got a completely different prompt it was bitmap related aswell but with only an Ok button.. it shuts down the VN.. its a rare occurrence and doesn't happen as frequently as the one in the picture.. Therefore i use quick-save allot while reading