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  1. I was playing with the 1440p assets off before the update, but I just checked and it looks the update turned them on automatically without me noticing. I turned them off again and everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the help.
  2. The latest update for Aokana on steam which was meant to improve performance has actually made it a lot worse for me and also introduced crashes which appear to happen after reading for a long time. I noticed that after I play for a while (1 hour+) the game starts to slow down, there are lots of little freezes especially when there are lots of sprites or effects on the screen, and eventually the game crashes. When it happened to me today I opened the game again and skipped back to where I was, and it crashed again nearly at the same place so I'm thinking it has to do with how much I read and and not how long it's open. I attached the crash logs, I hope it helps. error.log output_log.txt
  3. twisted

    Sanoba Witch CG Unlock Fail

    I bought it from MG too and am having the same problem. I have all the patch files but it still shows ver 1.2.1 in the about menu. If I remove the original patch files and just leave the patch3 files it reverts to 1.2.0.
  4. twisted

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    Will it be uploaded to the MG store? It only has the 1.1 update.
  5. Often when VNs are re-released on consoles they include additional console-exclusive content, usually in the form of a new heroine or extra CGs. I saw that Nekonyan is planning to release an updated version of Fureraba which includes the Vita version content, which I was glad to hear. My question is, are you planning to do the same thing for your future releases? Melty Moment is one in particular that I noticed has a vita release. Is there any extra content in that, and if so, are you planning to port it to the PC version?
  6. twisted

    SuGirly Wish HD Renewal & Strawberry Nauts HD Renewal

    Speaking of Hooksoft, I'm most interested in PriministAr,
  7. twisted

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    So are the two studios both new ones you haven't worked with before?
  8. I always leave my favourite heroine for last so I have something to look forward to. Otherwise I'll end up dropping it because I can't be bothered trudging through the routes of girls I don't really care about.
  9. I wouldn't call what Purple Software makes moege. Chrono Clock at least definitely isn't.
  10. twisted

    Request for another Smee VN

    Fureraba was great, I'd like to see this too. Hopefully it did well enough in sales. Personally I'd prefer Kanojo * Step, a non-school setting just seems kinda boring to me.
  11. twisted

    Resume Downloads

    @akerou Can I get a response to this please? I can't even start my download right now.
  12. twisted

    Resume Downloads

    It would be nice to have downloads in parts like MG does. I'm also having a different problem downloading. I had to reset my IP and it's asking to activate my download again now, but when I click the link I get a 404.
  13. twisted

    Fureraba release

    I have the same problem, using the link from my library page.
  14. twisted

    Can't login

    Works for me now too
  15. twisted

    Can't login

    When I try to login to my account on the main site I get the error "The selected email is invalid or the account needs to be activated." I've already activated my account but when I try to do so again anyways it tells me my account is already activated.