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  1. Atm, I only play World of Tanks most of time, and sometimes Farcry Primal / 5. I was too lazy to complete my GTA 5 tho.
  2. Admiral_Mikan

    Scene freezing on Sabbat's Windowed mode

    The problem still insist even after reinstalling the game. I still got freeze after switching program window. Maybe it has something to do with my computer got a problem when handle resource allocation when switching between fullscreen mode to windowed mode. Even once my Sabbat client crashed after I left her alone when playing other game for hours, and suddenly switched to Sabbat program. My cpu doesn't even peak at all. Oh well, maybe my Windows 10 itself a bit allergic kek Edit : Looks like it only happens with my World of Tanks game client. So far, I've been trying COD WW2, Farcry Primal, and other VNs too, and those games don't cause screen freeze to my Sabbat client. Hmm, weird.
  3. Admiral_Mikan

    Hello guys!

    Yeah, I like collecting its picture / wallpapers for my computer, and doujins (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but not the game itself. I'm pretty much done for from all mobage, and in my spare time, I rather read webnovel using my smartphone. I oftenly work on-site, and must constantly move since I have to oversee my technician to do their job. It's far easier to stop reading webnovel while moving, than playing mobage.
  4. Admiral_Mikan

    Sanoba Witch failed allocating memory for bitmaps

    I guess it's the bug of KirikiriZ engine itself But funny I never found this bug from all Yuzusoft titles that I've ever played so far.
  5. Admiral_Mikan

    Scene freezing on Sabbat's Windowed mode

    Very unlikely. I'm using 6-cores 12-threads Ryzen 5 2600X processor running 3.9Ghz most of time and 16GB DDR4 RAM. I'll try to reinstalling the game, to see if my interrupted download because sabbat.exe got flagged as a virus, somehow causing this bug.
  6. Admiral_Mikan

    Hello guys!

    Hi guys! I really wanna say thank you first to Nekonyan for bringing Sabbat of the Witch for English release. Yuzusoft is my number #1 VN studio, and I've been playing their titles like Natsuzora Kanata, Tenshin Ranman, Dracu-Riot, Senren Banka, Riddle Joker, and even Sanoba Witch. It really surprised me back then when Nekonyan decided to license this. My anime obssesion started when I read anime magazine that had AIR (Key/Visual Arts') as their cover. Since then, I immediately fell in love with japanese animation etc. My first visual novel ever was Little my Maid, back when I still in junior high school, and keep on playing VN until I graduated from college and working nowadays. Oh btw, with my nick and avatar, you can pretty much guess I played Kancolle quite hard back then, but recently, I just can't have enough time to play grinding games like I was in school. But still, Yamato was my best waifu hehehe. I hope that we can get along, and also, Nekonyan will not stop here, and keep on releasing great stuff in the future
  7. Hi guys, I want to report a bug that I just found. I frequently got scene freeze whenever switching from my Sabbat's window to another game, and back to Sabbat again. The sound still running, but the scene itself still stuck. I have to minimize the window and restore it again to make the scene runs again. Tbh, it's not really a fatal one, but just a little bugs me. I hope that you can investigate it. This is my recorded video when I found it, so you can see it by yourself Btw, thanks for releasing this. I really appreciate it, not to mention, I'm a big fan of Yuzusoft titles Edit : Looks like running of Fullscreen only reduce the chance for screen freezing. Sometimes I still get it after switching from my other game.
  8. Admiral_Mikan

    Steam Refusing to Allow Sabbat of the Witch to Run

    Put your installation folder in your AVG exclusion list. My Avast did the same, so I have to manually exclude it.