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  1. Depends. Smee fandisks have the benefit of being super small, so there's really no reason for us not to do them. Fandisks of other games can be longer and thus might require more resources and money.
  2. Chuee

    Sanoba Witch 18+ patch

    Download a program for opening .rar files. 7zip and winrar are the most popular.
  3. Chuee

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    It's super short and being worked on right now, so I'd say September is still a safe bet.
  4. Chuee

    Dakimakuras and generic waifu cushions

    There are specific ways you wash them. I've never washed one myself, but I looked into it a while back. Just google it and you should find people asking the same questions you are.
  5. Being "purposefully abrasive" is not a good thing, you know.
  6. Chuee

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    Nope. Almost all the staff lives in Europe. I'll be there though.
  7. Chuee

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Haven't seen them (nor do I care), but I would imagine it's just the outline drawn in the rough sketch with either no shading or coloring, or very minimal. The problem is that it was specifically drawn with the intention of never being seen. So not only is it probably atrocious to look at to the point of ruining the image due to the contrast in detail, it would also probably be disrespectful to the original artists to release something they purposefully didn't try on.
  8. Chuee

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    If it was specifically drawn with the intention of never being shown to the player, then it should probably stay that way. Something bad enough can ruin the image 100%, and I'm sure people who are diehard about mosaics will still drawn a line somewhere. Even the worst quality genitals in western releases probably look much better than what's in the original assets for this game.
  9. Chuee

    AstralAir no Shiroki Towa

    I'm so touched someone actually requested this I was actually the project leader for this fan-translation, ironically enough. Doesn't seem like anyone here realized, but Shinku Translations (pretty much just me and akerou) moved on and became Nekonyan, essentially. I love this game to death, so it probably goes without saying that we (me and akerou) are pushing 100% for an official localization of it. No guarantees of when or through who, but just know that I won't die until this game is released officially in English. In the meantime, enjoy this screen I took of the game with English text years ago.
  10. Chuee

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Yeah, there's not really much going on on a weekly basis. Unless you like watching numbers increase, I guess...
  11. About the same? Maybe a slight bit longer IIRC
  12. Chuee

    Fureraba release

    There are around 4 different 'stages' in the conversations for each girl. Basically, you have to get to a certain point (which I'm guessing is affection based) which triggers a heroine-specific scene, and then after that you'll get new conversation topics. After completing this 4 times, you get the option to confess to them. Don't worry about getting a bad end for confessing at the wrong time or anything, you can choose it whenever. But do remember to do it before the 'deadline', which is when if you haven't gotten locked into a route you get the forever alone bad ending.
  13. Chuee

    Fureraba release

    In that case it's more so just Smee's humor style lol. I can't remember exactly what phrase they used in Japanese, but it was just as hilariously out of place as that. Other examples include the random 'dog of the day' segment on the protagonist's TV in the living room where it's just some girl moaning really loudly, or the time they're at the pool at some little girl is on her dad's shoulders and accidentally confuses the word for 'tower' with the word for 'big dick'.
  14. Chuee

    Fureraba release

    The text in the original is fairly casual and loose, and considering the protagonist's personality and hobbies, terms like 'chad' definitely wouldn't be past him to say. I didn't throw words like that in there for the heck of it, and it's definitely not the kind of word I'd use in just any game. For the cursing, you have to remember that high school kids, guys in particular, curse a lot. A lot. Cursing in Japanese doesn't work like it does in English, so you have to go based on the character's speech style, and develop your own set of rules. I usually don't have characters curse when they're around characters who don't, for example (which is why I limited the protagonist's cursing mainly to his thoughts, and when he's with his male friends). In addition, all the characters that do curse often have gruff, masculine speech styles in the original, so it makes sense for them to curse in English.