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  1. ShakingCovers

    Aokana Black Screen

    Have you tried this:
  2. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Making Lovers

    Found some typos and a missing demosaic in Making Lovers. This is the R18 JAST version in case that matters. This one is from the 1.01 patch so I'm not sure if it's been fixed yet. The line should be "woman" not "women" This one is at the very beginning of Mashiro's route. I think it should say "Ah, sorry" but clearly something went wrong. On Patch 1.02 for this one This one is an "a" shows up after the tilde. Patch 1.02 This is a missing mosaic. It's a bit weird though since on a straight shot like this there's a mosaic that shouldn't be, on the panning shot there is no mosaic, but when it goes back to this straight shot it has a mosaic again. Also if you look at the gallery from the main menu this CG will show with a mosaic too. Patch 1.02 Hope these can be fixed, especially that mosaic.
  3. ShakingCovers

    Secret Project #1 - The title is~~~

    Clover Days is a good guess and one I never even considered. That'd be nice but even if it isn't this secret project I hope we see it from someone one day. Based on a nearly finished game showing up out of nowhere, my guesses are: Dracu-Riot - Mostly because it was completely translated and had a final translation check and editing pass done on it before Sekai Iceboxed it and Tenshin Ranman early last year, Yuzusoft is currently working with NekoNyan, and NekoNyan picked up a previous Sekai Project release when they announced Senren Banka. If it turns out it is this then it's a real shame they missed Halloween for the release since that would have been perfect. Lover Able - It's a SMEE title and has had a fan translation slowly meander with very slow progress updates for a long time now. That usually wouldn't mean much, but they've taken down their prologue patches "temporarily" for well over a year now and with the very slow update progress that makes it seem to me they're at least open to selling their work. It is a bit older and a 4:3 title so it might not even be on the table for those reasons alone. Magical Charming or Tayutama 2 - Hikari Field announced English versions of these, but before they ever released the full versions they took fan concerns about the English quality in the demo for Tayutama 2 to heart and since partnered with NekoNyan to work on the English version of their future projects. Going back to work on either of these would make sense for NekoNyan to do eventually, though in this case having the translation pop up at 100% done with everything but engine work and QA I don't think fits this secret project timing wise. It's more likely that it's something completely out of left field though, or a project from a new partner so any guessing would be a shot in the dark. Whatever it is I hope it's cute.
  4. ShakingCovers

    Aokana v1.1 Black Screen

    Have you tried doing this yet?
  5. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

    Sorry for the double post, but I've since finished and found a couple more and would rather post them now so I can clear out my screenshots. This one should be offense, not offence. This one is another text overflow to the fourth line. Happens when using font 1 or font 2 with border on or off for text. Not sure if you guys were on the lookout for these but figured I'd post just in case. I thought Aokana was great and can't wait for the Perfect Edition and the Mashiro FD. Hope they come out soon.
  6. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

    No problem. Found some more plus some text overflows. This one should be "Calm down" not "Call down" This one should be "distant future" not "distant feature" The last comma here is unneeded This has a period at the end of the text but not in the image Again, this has a period in the text but not in the image. The line and image shows up a third time with no period in the text so at the very least it should be made consistent for each time it shows up. These next two aren't typos, but text overflows where it hit a fourth line. I've been using the second font with no border for reference. This one flowed to line 4 on font 2. This one flowed to line 4 on font 2, but didn't when using font 1.
  7. Found some typos when I was reading through Aokana and figured I'd post them so they can get fixed. I'm using the initial release and not patch 1.02 since I don't think it's come up on JAST yet so these may have already been fixed. Cliche is missing the accent here. I know accents don't really play nice with VNs usually but every other instance of the word had the accent so I figured I'd mention it This should be "Gotcha" in the background image text, not "Gocha". The audio only has Misaki saying one word which I can't remember at the moment so I think what happened here was both were put in as possible choices but someone missed the line and forgot to pick one for the final translation. I seem to remember the former making more sense in context, but you guys should go back and look at that line again This should be "our" not "out" Pretty sure this line should be "If I were a girl" not "If I was a girl" since the if statement makes it the subjunctive.
  8. If you're having issues installing Aokana and bought it from JAST then please read this. I bought Aokana on JAST and when I try and run the installer I get a message that says "Setup needs next disc" and it asks for the "Aokana_Installer-1.bin" file. When you direct it to the right path it doesn't see it. The file was mistakenly named "Aokana Installer-1.bin" instead of the needed "Aokana_Installer-1.bin" so the installer will give you errors nonstop until you add in all the underscores yourself. I just got through the setup by doing that myself so it works. NekoNyan, please contact JAST to update the file, or if that will take a while add in a note to the JAST store page on how to solve the issue in the mean time so others don't get frustrated when they run into this issue too.
  9. I remember it being mentioned that there would be an update to Fureraba somewhere down the line that added in some exclusive CGs from the Vita version into NekoNyan's version. Is that still coming out, and if so is there an estimate of when it'll release? I've been holding off on buying the FD and giving everything a reread for when that Vita CG update drops so any news on it would be appreciated.
  10. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble

    I'm finished with the VN now and found two more: This one is missing the work "pick" between the words "please" and "whichever" This one is another consistency typo and should be "h-scene" to fit with the rest of the times it's mentioned. As for the built in screenshot button not working during parts of h-scenes, I found that it only doesn't work until the very first CG change then works just like normal. Usually that CG change will be a slightly different face or add blushing or something like that so it was hard to tell at a glance at first. Maybe it's something in the scripting? Pressing Windows + Print Screen does still work so it's not a huge issue if it goes unfixed, but I jotted down the ones it comes up in if it's a simple fix: Nanaru 2 Suzu 1 Suzu 2 Suzu 3 Suzu 4 Cara 1 Cara 2 Akane 1 Akane 2 Overall I thought the VN was great and hope you guys pick up more ASa Project titles in the future. Hope the patch is soon!
  11. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble

    Halfway through Maho's route and here are some more: Should be "its" not "it's". Should be "FPSes" not "FPSs" Should be "fit" not "fitted". While you can say an article of clothing is fitted, that's only used as an adjective. For the verb it stays the same in past tense Should be "butt in" not "but in" Pretty sure this should be "ain't coming free" or "don't come free" but then again I'm not sure how the cool kids speak nowadays so maybe that is fine. Here's an untranslated line when you view an h-scene via the scene viewer from the menu. During the game it says "Scene View" there so it looks like it's only broken when viewed through that menu This should probably be "h-scene" for consistency's sake since every other time it's mentioned they don't capitalize the h.
  12. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble

    Found some more. This should be "forget" not "forgetting" This should have the word "looks" as the second word as that's missing. Also the second sentence sounds off to me. Something more like "She has a shocked expression and bites her lower lip" or "With a shocked expression, she bites her lip" or "Shocked, she bites her lower lip" would sound better. Missing question mark here Missing question mark here too. I also had this weird problem where in Nanaru's second h-scene it wouldn't let me use the screenshot button on screen or use F12 to take a screenshot but around midway through the first CG of the scene it started working again just fine. Same thing happened when I reloaded. I got it from JAST so it's not a patching issue. Not a big deal since it only effected the built in screenshot thing but it was weird and I thought worth mentioning. I'd post a screenshot but the image is a bit lewd and I'm not sure if that's allowed here. The line where it starts working again is: Nanaru: "Mmh! Fwah, ah, aaaahh...!"
  13. Found some typos in Sankaku Renai and didn't see a thread so I figured I'd start one here. This one should be "be" not "me" This one should be "latter's" not "latter" This one should use the same format for the numbers for both sentences.