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  1. Keeping a big aspect of Japanese culture is not lazy. If anything, localizing it in a satisfactory manner is what's overly difficult. Sure, an experienced enough translator can do away with them while making sure to convey their meaning, but I find this rarely happens. Most of them just drop the honorifics and call it a day, which is even lazier than just keeping them in the first place. Generally, it's just a matter of Accuracy versus Purity of the language. A common belief is that English translation shouldn't be polluted with foreign words/terms if it's not absolutely necessary. But if there's no good way to translate such terms, they should be left intact. After all, you're not reading a story that was written originally in English. In my opinion, Cultural authenticity is more important than Purity of the language. Taking the fact that honorifics are a VERY precise way to convey the relationships between the characters, and that is considerably difficult to localize them in a satisfactory manner, I'd take the side of Accuracy. Ironically enough, English is not a completely unique language; It uses words from other languages that have become normalized over time into the English vocabulary and culture, so I see few to no issues in keeping them in. One should also consider the Setting: Are you translating a Moege/Charage that takes place in Japan? In that case keeping Honorifics is a no-brainer, as most often than not they play a big part in the relationship between the characters. Or are you localizing a SciADV game with a lot of Pseudo-Scientific terms? This is mostly translators choice, but I'd be inclined to keep them if the setting is Japan, and remove them when not. How about a game with a Western Fantasy setting? This is one of my favorites because it permits the usage of "Ye Olde English", allowing for a more colorful translation while facilitating the removal of honorifics significantly. Another important thing to consider is Audience: The reality of the situation is that these polls do nothing but tell us what we already know. That is, A Huge silent majority just simply doesn't care either way, while two vocal minorities fight it out. Usually the Pro-honorifics camp having more votes than the Anti-honorifics camp. Consider this: Honorifics didn't stop Persona 5 from becoming GOTY contender in the biggest western game award show, and that's the opinion from mainstream audiences. But the main audience of this industry, the visual novel industry are "weebs" that prefer honorifics. Catering to them seems like an obvious choice, at least from the business standpoint. Also, you shouldn't treat the opinions from the "top translators in the scene" as Word of God. You can count the amount of actually good translators working on this industry in one hand, so most of those top translators are self-described.
  2. Visha Navell

    Company Mascot

    Because of course you need one. Both Sekai Project and MangaGamer have one. So it's logical that NekoNyan gets one too.
  3. Visha Navell

    Heroine name change

    So, basically, you want to do a poll or something? Or do two versions, one with and without name changes, and see what gets downloaded more? Either way, If you're going to keep the honorifics, may as well keep the names too. Add my vote for modified Hepburn romanization.
  4. Visha Navell

    Heroine name change

    Agree with you. Some anon in 4chan made a patch for SakuSaku fixing the names (Yuma>Yuuma, Yuri>Yuuri). I'd rather avoid relying on patches from random people just to fix this problem.
  5. Visha Navell

    Greetings from 4chan

    Hello, I am Visha Navell. I am the will of the many anons from 4chan's /jp/ board and /vn/ general made manifest. /s I'm just another anon who's interested in this company, and if needed, will keep you informed of the random shenanigans that happen there that involve this company. Current happenings: >Many anons were enchanted by your commitment to not use KickStarter. >Some anons don't like the fact that Chuee and Akerou are involved in this company due to their past reputation. >Others think NekoNyan is a Sekai Project shell company/rebranding. >Another ones are praising this company out of sheer hate for SP. >A lot of anons want to see Sanoba Witch released before any other Yuzusoft game SP picked up. Personally, I'm just another ESL (Spanish) from South America, so please correct me if you find any grammatical errors in anything I write so I can polish my english.
  6. Visha Navell

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Yo, what about the stuff mentioned in this thread?: Also zecknor, I don't think you should be posting NSFW stuff here, at least not spoilered. But I like your Idea. Another very qualified decensorer/redrawer is Belldandy100, and he's more reachable. However, whether we get mosaic-free HCG or not it's 100% the Japanese company's discretion. (barring the case that the localization company doesn't buy them in the first place) What happens is that the Japanese mod back the mosaic-free CGs to their edition of the game, and apparently some japanese companies don't like this. ALSO, IIRC Doodler made a patch for ImoPara2 that restores the mosaics to the HCG because some people like them, but he had to make it separate because the size was more than 1gb.