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  1. Toma

    Hello guys

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I heard that SubaHibi has some gruesome content in it. I should be fine. At least I hope. Anyway, thank for the warning. Well, I'm certainly looking at PE through rose-tinted glasses, as it was my first VN. However, I can clearly see why someone wouldn't like it. Also, I must say, that the routes vary in quality. I don't think I would be even able to name three mainstream, American songs from last decade. I certainly don't like that kind of music, but I have to defend the language they use. In my native language song and poem writers often deliberately make mistakes to create for example better rhymes and I'm assuming this is also a thing in English. Don't be afraid to point out my mistakes. After all, this can help me become better at English. If you would like, I can chat about some things in my free time. Anyway, once again, thanks for the warm welcome.
  2. Toma

    Hello guys

    Hi! I'm Toma. I'm currently a university student. I've been watching anime and reading manga for about 5 years. I got into visual novels about 10 months ago, thanks to a youtuber, Lost Pause. I don't really have a lot of free time, so I have only completed two visual novels so far - Princess Evangile and Noble ☆ Works. I learned about NekoNyanSoft while browsing VNDB. I'm really happy to see another company joining the localization market and I can't wait to try Sanoba Witch, though I'm waiting for physical release (fortunately, I have a big backlog). As far as my tastes go, I'm a filthy moebuta, but I can also enjoy some good plotge and I'm really excited to try Subahibi. When it comes to real life stuff, I had been learning Japanese for 1,5 year, but I had to stop due to moving to another city and lack of time. I hope I can pick it back someday. I'm a big music nerd. I'm mainly listening to metal (mainly Japanese), but I also like to listen to other genres from time to time (especially songs by Fuminori Matsumoto and Hana). I like to sing and to play the guitar. I also draw sometimes, but I'm not very good. I'm a big fan of old cars - especially those from socialist countries and in fact, I own two of those: '97 Fiat 126p and '75 Lada Zhiguli 1500. Well, that would be it. I hope we can get along. P.S. Sorry for my English. My anxiety makes my writing really stiff and awkward when I have to post something publically.