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  1. From what I have tested it happens on any line you jump back to. I have tested over 10 lines before the OP video, some near the beginning of the game and some after the OP. I just tested again on some lines just before the 2nd choice with mostly same result. Except when you jump back from a choice, then it doesn't crash. The crash is easy to prevent anyway, so it is not actually a serious problem.
  2. I found out consistent way to crash the game. 1. Use the backlog to jump back. Don't move to the next line. 2. Save the game. 3. Quit the game. 4. Load the just saved game. 5. Crash to desktop It gives an error message: "Not a function or invalid method/property type" The crash can be prevented by starting a new game or loading some other save first and then loading the save.