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  1. snowbell55

    Will Makingļ¼ŠLovers get its fandisc translated?

    :(. I'd really love to be able to read that tbh. Still hoping that it'll somehow make it over... That and Raspberry Cube.
  2. snowbell55

    December Announcements!

    This is awesome news - thanks so much! I'm definitely interested in both of these :D. Is there any chance that either (or both?) might get physical releases? Also, seeing as there've just been 2 new announcements, does that mean there are 2 announcements being worked on to replace the 2 announcements that've just been made? /greedy :P. Seriously though - great news, and can't wait for the both of them to come out. 2019 is looking very solid :D.
  3. snowbell55

    Request for another Smee VN

    Another vote for Making*Lovers here. The art looks similar to Koichoco's (which I like) and it seems like it'd be a fun and relaxing read too. But really anything from Smee / Hooksoft would be good.
  4. If it's okay to ask - do you think you'll be doing Steam keys + physical copies for the physical versions (not just Sanoba Witch I mean) like Mangagamer do with their hard copies, or would it be a case of only getting the physical copy if you buy physical?
  5. Hi everyone! First thread and first post here :D. *waves* I'm just wondering (and hopefully it's okay to ask): what's the likelihood of there being a physical release for Melty Moment? I'd really like one if there is: it's my second-most anticipated release after Aokana and a physical copy would basically be icing on the cake. *crosses fingers hopefully*