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  1. zecknor

    August announcements!

    Sad about mosaics... Will wait for titles that come without mosaics before I buy more from you guys. Hopefully there's a way to petition the developers to reconsider releasing it with mosaics somehow, but I feel like once they are localized they will have mosaics forever so the issue is basically dead in the water.
  2. zecknor

    Aokana....why so much hype?

    The art style looks clean and pretty, but my hype completely died once it was announced with mosaics. Why bother if I can simply read the Japanese one for the same thing? (albeit with my crappy English localization program) If a game was to get localized in the west with mosaics, any chance of it ever being released without mosaics just dies, and so do my dreams.
  3. zecknor

    Resume Downloads

    Can someone tell me the size of each zip for multi rar? Since mine keeps telling me it's corrupted
  4. zecknor

    Fureraba release

    Looking forward to preordering your first VN release! Thankfully it's one of the no mosaic ones so I can support you right off the bat!
  5. zecknor

    LOCALISATION REQUEST- Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

    Thank god it wasn't Sekai project if that is the case. I rather have a chance at getting it uncensored and no mosaic than Sekai taking over the fan translation.
  6. zecknor

    LOCALISATION REQUEST- Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

    If sekai project licensed this FML. Don't trust them at all to give us fans what we want. It was one of the titles I asked MG to get from their license survey.
  7. zecknor

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I in general have no idea what you are talking about. How is wanting the art uncensored having anything to do with wanting SJW stuff inside the game or have anything to do with the name? The original CG's are NOT drawn with mosaics. They actually have to hire a guy in the studio to add mosaics to the cg the artist drew in the process and the original drawing had no mosaics. The mosaics are tacked on due to Japanese laws and have nothing to do with preferences of the Japanese devs. Adding SJW on the other hand is completely a different matter that does not relate to law and only has things to do with the companies political stance etc.
  8. zecknor

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Mosaics is quite different issue from "Honorifics" or other tiniest reasons you can think of. Since the west do not require mosaics by law yet it is still censored under mosaics when being brought over here. While Mangagamer and Jastusa have been able to push for and release many uncensored or no mosaic works I don't see why we should lower our standard for new entries into the market. That would only allow the new comers and other Japanese publishers to give us half ass ports of their titles and expecting to rake in the money. If a new localizer was serious about bringing the titles in for the fans they would try to get the best thing possible for fans in the west, unless you want another Sekaiproject that half asses everything and kickstarts everything to just make money.
  9. zecknor

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Pretty sure no one wants ugly ones, but mosaics are not pretty either. Rather a ugly drawing than mosaics. OR even better give us the option to toggle mosaics and option to have an artist redraw whats under the mosaics since they are adapting it for the western market yes?
  10. zecknor

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    Please do let us know if it is simply not possible. I wouldn't mind supporting a patreon or kickstarter to get all the titles that need it redrawn.
  11. zecknor

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I personally know a few artist on Patreon that could make really good drawings to replace where the vagina is missing under the mosaic. One of them is Aki99 (You can check out his stuff by searching). Maybe even Lasterking if he changes the color tone to make it more in line with the art style. I'm only showing part of the image I got from Aki99 as an example Here's an example from Lasterking (probably need to change color tone to fit though)
  12. More of their other works. Now just imagine their artworks uncensored!
  13. Reasons for why I think they need to be localized and uncensored: Black Lilth: Himekishi Lilia - Complete version Taimanin Yukikaze: 2015 Animation Edition The world needs more of these hardcore VN's of such high quality censored! Black Lilth is in the forefront of bringing us strong heroine characters failing from grace which is a niche I really enjoy. Oiran Ichimi: Iris Action The game play is enjoyable but not the best, however the gem is in the GIF's after losing the battle to different monsters. The artwork is amazing to watch as the animation he has done brings them all to life. Cat whiskers RADIO: Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena- The story, game play, artwork are all amazingly made. Player choices changes the stories outcome, bringing a rare sense of satisfaction to a hentai game's story. The clothe you wear in the game and actions you take also changes her appearance and how people around her react to her.
  14. Would love to see some DLsite titles from smaller brands localized and uncensored. Would buy them all again even if I own the original Japanese censored version! These are all titles I personally find are top quality in DLsite and could really use a localized uncensored version! I actually have no idea why Mangagamer and Lilth's relationship broke down after releasing 2 titles or so. Black Lilth: Himekishi Lilia - Complete version Taimanin Yukikaze: 2015 Animation Edition Oiran Ichimi: Iris Action Cat whiskers RADIO: Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena-
  15. Any chance of seeing if you can license games from for titles like 美少女万華鏡 -呪われし伝説の少女-? Their VN's are just so beautiful and I would love a uncensored version of them!