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  1. DarthSteel

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    Well, it looks like someone beat me to breaking the news, but I'm just happy I'm going to get to read another Tone Works VN.
  2. DarthSteel

    If My Heart Have Wings Series and A Sky Full of Stars

    Unfortunately, if I understand correctly, Moenovel is directly owned by Pulltop, and thus it is very unlikely that anyone else is going to be allowed to do official translations of Pulltop VN's. So I'm left to grumble and hope there are motivated people who want to do restoration patches for Pulltop's western releases.
  3. I don't really mind, but I know next to nothing about Hooksoft and their games, so this wasn't a title I was eagerly anticipating. I still intended to get it, but that's largely because right now I have faith in NekoNyan translating titles I'll actually enjoy.
  4. DarthSteel

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    The after stories were, hands down, my favorite part of Hoshi Ori. It's sad that it looks like Tsurezurescans has broken up, they did some great work. Now I'm just hoping that Nekonyan (or pretty much anyone other than Sekai Project) get's the licenses to localize Tone Works games.
  5. DarthSteel

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    I would love to see NekoNyan get some of Tone Works VNs. I recently finished playing Hoshi Ori, and I think that one made it all the way to Kamige territory, and Hatsukoi 1/1 was pretty good as well. (Also, the Tsurezurescans fan translation group is amazing. Their fan patches are easily professional quality)
  6. You're a brave man if you could enjoy the ride as a type-moon heroine.
  7. I play them exclusively on my gaming PC. I wouldn't mind playing them on a tablet, as I think they would work well there, but I haven't been able to find any VNs for Android that are both translated into English and that I want to read. Add to that how much money I've already spent on VNs for the PC versions, and I don't think I'll ever bother switching.
  8. It'd have to be Sanjou Makoto from Nobel Works for me. She was my favorite character in that game and no route.
  9. Welcome! I have also been revising my standards upwards as to what VNs I'm willing to pay for. A lot of stuff put out by the "big" localization companies is, in my opinion, trash that's not worth reading, let alone paying for. I also agree on VNs bringing back memories of "choose your own adventure" books and the like. I've mostly been staying away from "kinetic" VNs, because for me, once you've taken the choices out I might as well just read a book, which would be FAR cheaper!
  10. DarthSteel

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    That looks like the start of a slippery slope in which all my money gets spent on "collectables". Truly a frightening thing...
  11. DarthSteel

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    It's tough, isn't it? On the one hand, I REALLY want to know how the various projects are coming along, but on the other hand I'm really pleased with the quality NekoNyan is putting out so far, and I don't want to joggle their elbow and piss them off.
  12. DarthSteel

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Having played the full version of Dracu-riot myself, the only thing I think it needs is a solid editing pass and it's good to go, the translation copy I have is completely done, even the "secret" route is fully translated, as well as all of the menus. I honestly wouldn't object too much if SP had just dumped it onto the market as is without even an editing pass and asked money for it. It's already in good enough condition to pay for, in my opinion. Hopefully Yuzusoft is pleased with how NekoNyan has handled Sanoba Witch and will take Dracu-riot away from SP and give it to NN. I'd really like to be able to buy a legit English translation. As for why Yuzusoft would give SP the license and then not allow them to release? My best guess would be that Yuzusoft looked at what SP did with their localization and decided they didn't like it for some reason, but that's just a guess.
  13. DarthSteel

    Trails of Cold Steel 3 Localization Announced

    I saw somewhere that CS III doesn't import saves from II, but IV imports from III. I don't know if that's accurate, but if it is, I might just buy the PS4 version instead of waiting for a PC port. I DO have a PS4, even though I almost never use it.
  14. DarthSteel

    Trails of Cold Steel 3 Localization Announced

    Ah, I didn't even realize the other two games were on something OTHER than PC for English, lol. Guess I'll wait to see if a PC port is also announced. I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer.