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  1. I have JP versions of all three games (Both Strawberry Nauts and SuGirly Wish are the HD remakes). I haven't touched SuGirly Wish yet but I've done partial Let's Plays for the other two games.

    Strawberry Nauts feels like If My Heart Had Wings from Moenovel/Pulltop minus the hostility the main character gets from the other girls.


    Just like Aoi in If My Heart Had Wings, the main character Seitarou functions like a dorm mother to all the other girls. Also the novel focuses more on a typical school life (Seating Chart Competition and Club Recruitment Brawl) than a certain theme that the main female character strives for.

    PriministAr is said to be a sequel of Strawberry Nauts, but I find the opening route to be less exciting than Strawberry Nauts. The introduction of new characters seem longer in this visual novel and the level of drama is a bit excessive.


    There was one part in the opening route where one girl threw a tantrum just because the main character Haruchika misclassified her as being small. It led to her bodyguard anxiously begging to attack. However, one element that makes this visual novel exciting is the jealously among the other boys. The jealousy was probably what led them to devise the stupid plot as mentioned in vndb.org.


    It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and the melodies from the music room and the shouts from the athletic clubs filled the air. Each club has recruited their new members, and everybody was excited for the upcoming school year. In particular, the boys in the culture department were devising a (stupid) plot to make it mandatory for all girl members to wear school swimwear. Of course, all the girls were vehemently against the idea and chased all the guys out. The remaining boy was Haruchika, who was planning to join the tiny handicraft club. Thus begins his lively days in the handicraft club surrounded by girls. - from vndb.org


  2. Hello Everyone,

    I am WorldofAI (or simply "AI"). I play VNs and regular games and do Let's Plays for some of my favorite titles. I also do sequencing and composing music in MIDI format. I used to watch lots of anime and read manga, but I have brought that to a minimum after picking up on VNs these last few years.

    My first VN is Galaxy Angel back in 2006. My first 18+ VN is Tropical Kiss back in 2012.

    I first learned about NekoNyan while I working on LPs of PriministAr and Strawberry Nauts both from HookSoft. I was looking for news about more HD remakes from HookSoft until I came across an unfamiliar company on the list for Melty Moment.

    I don't know what else to say so I'll leave it here.

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