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  1. WorldofAI

    SuGirly Wish HD Renewal & Strawberry Nauts HD Renewal

    I have JP versions of all three games (Both Strawberry Nauts and SuGirly Wish are the HD remakes). I haven't touched SuGirly Wish yet but I've done partial Let's Plays for the other two games. Strawberry Nauts feels like If My Heart Had Wings from Moenovel/Pulltop minus the hostility the main character gets from the other girls. PriministAr is said to be a sequel of Strawberry Nauts, but I find the opening route to be less exciting than Strawberry Nauts. The introduction of new characters seem longer in this visual novel and the level of drama is a bit excessive.
  2. WorldofAI

    Hi Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I am WorldofAI (or simply "AI"). I play VNs and regular games and do Let's Plays for some of my favorite titles. I also do sequencing and composing music in MIDI format. I used to watch lots of anime and read manga, but I have brought that to a minimum after picking up on VNs these last few years. My first VN is Galaxy Angel back in 2006. My first 18+ VN is Tropical Kiss back in 2012. I first learned about NekoNyan while I working on LPs of PriministAr and Strawberry Nauts both from HookSoft. I was looking for news about more HD remakes from HookSoft until I came across an unfamiliar company on the list for Melty Moment. I don't know what else to say so I'll leave it here.