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  1. This is the age I have been waiting for so long, now I don't have to find a multiway just to buy eroge
  2. Hello everyone, I am Darkrider. I have been playing a eroge for quiet long and currently try to study Kanji little by little (I can already read Hiragana and Katakana) and I also play eroge to study Japanese as well (but still not quite work out which make me back to play English). Anyway let be frank, I have quite both normal taste of strange taste of eroge. I usually like to play gag or funny eroge since it more fun it play than serious one (but I did play some of it if it make me unable to quit the game) that for nomal one. The strange one is I like horror (not strange? will then.....), GURO (YES I love it and I know it strange), Dad and daughter relationship (not Oni CC though, oh and not loli) I can't handle NTR though, I can play rape and also like it but NTR is no no, I perfer vanilla (and Yes I know there no way there going to be game that Guro and vanilla can be together, but let not talk about that), but I can handle dark one too (as long as it not NTR.....but reverse NTR might be ok?). Anyway I see this company have a blog and seem to listen to their customer so I decide to join in. So let be friend (especially if you like Guro as well). Oh almost forgot I like big boob so Milk Fatory (or should I called Squeez?) is the best. This one actually forgot, but I like Yandere girl the most as well.
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    Ouka Sabaki

    This eroge is not a normal type of eroge that many appear. It actually a detective game like "Ace Attorney". The main part is gameplay that you have to investigation ths scene, keep talk to gather information and find out the culpuit and the truth of the case. There aren't many eroge that do this type of gameplay (or maybe the first since I don't know other) which make it interesting. I am aware that this game have a bad point for being in western due to story took part in old time of Japan and it required a lot of skill to translate and edit this, but the game itself is very interesting to play so I want it to at least get consider it. More info: https://vndb.org/v16858 PV link: