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  1. morning, mate. I have one interest question. So does anyone still read newspapers? Where do you like to read news?
  2. hayboyeek

    impressed quotes

    I have many favourite books, writers and quotes. I ma fond of writing stories and poems. So Ioften use different quotes for inspiration. Recently I found here great source with many quotes. I will glad to share one of them.“Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.”
  3. hayboyeek

    web hosting need> pls?

    I can share own experience. What about cloud vps? Di you use it? I can suggest to spell https://www.hostforweb.com/cloud/cloud_vps/ for my website. Its cheap but good. Cloud servers are configured to draw on an unmatched pool of computing resources, consisting of hundreds of servers. Good option for beginers in online enterptise and website owners.
  4. hayboyeek

    law of attraction

    What do youknow about law of attraction? I heard about 3 Laws of Attraction are: Like Attracts Like. Nature Abhors a Vacuum. The Present is Always Perfect.
  5. hayboyeek

    quotes for blog?

    I found many sources with cool quotes. One of them I click here and found a lot cool quotes for my future articles. I want to share some of them with you. “Fake friends are like autocorrect. They try to make you something you are not.” “I’ve found the key to happiness. Stay away from idiots.”
  6. hayboyeek


    Share interesting quotes for writing essay? Any helping?
  7. hayboyeek


    Guys, Europe sounds amazing for traveling. I love to spend weekends in France or Italy. I have already used short money from https://compacom.com/payday-loans/michigan because I spent all money into booking hotel and air tickets.
  8. hayboyeek

    erotic massage?

    Have you ever tried different erotic massage?
  9. hayboyeek


    Ukraine is good country for tourists.
  10. hayboyeek


    Have you ever play the valorant game? How was your impressions?
  11. hayboyeek

    call recorder

    I usually use call recorders during work. I found nice app here https://apps.apple.com/us/app/call-recorder-icall/id1447098963 and its work simple for recording incoming calls from partners. Record phone calls in one tap for later use with iCall.
  12. hayboyeek


    Have you ever been in Cyprus? Hows your impressions?
  13. hayboyeek

    apps for iphone

    What favourite apps for iphone does everyone have to use and can suggest for everyone?
  14. hayboyeek

    video chat apps??

    hey there. which video app do you use? skype or something else?
  15. hayboyeek

    PDF thread

    I will glad to help you. Because I use PDF scanner for different options for scanning and save documents and books for studying. I found good pdf scanner for Iphone which works well. Try to use it too, when you have Iphone.