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  1. Formlose_Gestalt

    Bradyon Veda

    It's because I mentioned Akabei Soft 2 alongside Akatsuki Works in the opening post. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it, because as you said it really isn't relevant here. But now I kinda actually want to know. So if anyone knows...
  2. Formlose_Gestalt

    Bradyon Veda

    They don't have any ties with them anymore? If so I apologize for throwing them together I thought they are still affiliated. But it is a bit difficult to find those things out if you can't speak Japanese. EDIT: While you shouldn't rely on it even Wikipedia calls Akatsuki Works a brand of Akabei Soft 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akabeisoft2 And the Japanese Wikipedia Page seems to agree: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKABEiSOFT2 Are you sure they aren't affiliated anymore?
  3. Formlose_Gestalt

    Bradyon Veda

    Bradyon Veda VNDB Description: Opening: Since NekoNyan just announced Hello Lady!, you are the best bet to make Bradyon Veda happen. And so I am here to pester you about it. Personally I really enjoy science fiction and on VNDB is tagged as "Hard Science Fiction" and I would love to see how VN tackles a hard science fiction setting. I also love that this VN is a departure from the usual high school setting, with mature and adult characters that where soldiers in aftermath of an war. With three routes the story is said to be complex and the ratings on VNDB are pretty good. I personally also like the character designs because they are different enough from the usual designs seen in VNs. So please make it happen NekoNyan. You seem to be one of the few groups that Akatsuki Works/Akabei Soft 2 actually listens to.
  4. Formlose_Gestalt

    August announcements!

    Hello Lady! is nice addition to your portfolio. I heard good things about it despite the rather conventional first impression of the high school setting. I hope that it sells well and opens the door to other Akatsuki Works titles. I would love to see Bradyon Veda one day. So good luck to you guys at NekoNyan!