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  1. kawako

    school subject

    What is your favourite school subject? Mine math.
  2. kawako

    erotic massage?

    I had nuru massage in past.
  3. kawako


    Have you ever been in Ukraine? what places did you visit?
  4. kawako


    valorant is new game for me.
  5. kawako

    call recorder

    hey there, friends have you experiecne in recording calls from others?
  6. kawako

    video chat apps??

    I can agree online dating can be quite funny thing. I have already used video chat free anf found new buddies and love partner. I want too meet with her one day in real life.
  7. kawako


    I lived in larnaca 4 years before
  8. kawako

    PDF thread

    Guys, can you suggest some pdf scaner for iphone? any advices
  9. kawako

    official lottery thread

    national lottery usually. Polish, UK, usa and etc
  10. kawako

    heat pump use??

    Heat pumps u can use in winter and summer
  11. Guys, need your help Which and where better to choose HVAC system? Any reccomendations?
  12. kawako


    I can say that radiation can not be safety for humans. Guys, I heard that iat the moment, more than a thousand people live on the territory of Chernobyl. These are employees of the power plant and scientists. In addition, self-settlers live on the territory of the exclusion zone – people who refused to leave the infected territory and leave their homes. I want to visit that place too. I have plan to buy gamma dosimeter https://ecotestgroup.com/products/mks-um/
  13. kawako

    vpn or proxy

    I want to try to use some vpns
  14. kawako

    vpn or proxy

    hey guys, which is better to use vpn or proxy and why?