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  1. kawako

    funeral and cemetery

    What do u think about visiting cemetery? Actually funeral ceremonies is scary me.
  2. kawako

    work in medicine

    I finished my studying in one medical school in New York. Abd after I decided to continue stydying at one medical course https://www.exploremedicalcareers.com/ekg-technician/ and will work as ekg techinican in the near future. I guess its will be good work experience for me.
  3. kawako

    work in medicine

    medicine sounds cool
  4. kawako

    massage in Ukraine

    HAve you ever been in popular massage parlor in Ukraine? Your impressions?
  5. kawako


    Do u often visit massage parlors? Where did u have last massage?
  6. kawako


    i sometimes use fax in work and etc. Its convy app for iphone which I found https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fax-from-iphone-send-files/id1563922708 Email may be convenient in some ways, but there are nonetheless several advantages that make faxing a preferred form of document transmission for many people.
  7. kawako

    adult stuff

    I am crazy about hentai and maybe webcam girls. Checked recently cool sexy ladies on http://onlinestars.net and watched video with them. Its new and quite funny experience for me, you know. From what I've seen, about everyone who has offered to pay for a show is someone that's obviously too shy or awkward irl to get any female interaction. But for me its hobby, nothing more. P.S I also have gf.
  8. kawako

    newspapers old fashion or not?

    For modern society, high-quality and timely information is one of the main values. I guess I am old fashion guy who like to read paper and e newspapers. I work as journalsit so I write articles for local newspapers. I used newspaper template for free for my work. Its convy. Nowadays I write article for wedding newspaper and will use nice template for it.
  9. good day. I need help of some users. I create website and want to choose correct hosting service? Which can better to choose?
  10. kawako

    impressed quotes

    What quotes most impressed you?Why?
  11. kawako

    law of attraction

    I heard a little about law of attraction in past. Recetnly I found interesting source of information about philopsophy of attaining one’s ultimate desires: manifestation and the law of attraction. Its manifestrich service. They provide info about many different kinds of topics for any type of desire an individual may have, including topics such as money, success, and love. I found and read great article about how attract friends and steps for doing it.
  12. kawako

    quotes for blog?

    Where to check interesting popular quotes formy blog? Any advices?
  13. kawako

    quotes for blog?

    Where to check interesting popular quotes formy blog? Any advices?
  14. kawako


    I read different books and collect quotes which I use for writing articles. Recently checked new inspirational quotes here and will use someof them during writing colllege papers. I like those one words - There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. 1 Corinthians 12:4
  15. kawako


    HAve you ever been in Europe? Where do yo go?