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  1. kawako

    heat pump use??

    Heat pumps u can use in winter and summer
  2. Guys, need your help Which and where better to choose HVAC system? Any reccomendations?
  3. kawako


    I can say that radiation can not be safety for humans. Guys, I heard that iat the moment, more than a thousand people live on the territory of Chernobyl. These are employees of the power plant and scientists. In addition, self-settlers live on the territory of the exclusion zone – people who refused to leave the infected territory and leave their homes. I want to visit that place too. I have plan to buy gamma dosimeter https://ecotestgroup.com/products/mks-um/
  4. kawako

    vpn or proxy

    I want to try to use some vpns
  5. kawako

    vpn or proxy

    hey guys, which is better to use vpn or proxy and why?