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  1. Hainiryuun

    How weeb is your room?!

    Lots of pics and NSFW
  2. Hainiryuun

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    Super excited for Sanoba Witch and ecstatic to hear Fureraba is getting more content! My wallet is ready.
  3. Hainiryuun

    Otome * Domain

    Honestly, alternate history and chuuni battles are not something that interests me and Otoboku 1 pretty much put me to sleep that it bored me so much.
  4. Hainiryuun

    Otome * Domain

    Ok, I've already ready this. It's honestly one of the greatest moege ever made. It's what Otoboku should have been. Instead of focusing on the drama, Otome Domain's main focus is the comedy. Yes, Minato (the greatest VN protag ever) is fully voiced, including H-scenes. Komowata Haruka (the SD artist for pretty much all the Yuzusoft VNs) did all the SD art for this game. It also features a free camera, allowing you move the camera around every scene, which is pretty nice. It also makes good use of sprites (can you say naked sprites from behind? Cause those exist). Tatekawa Mako's art is also fantastic. There's also headpats. Those are nice. The H is fantastic. You like femdom? We got a lot of it. You want to see the heroine begging for the D? Yep, got that too. Or maybe you just like some teasing? Got lots of that, too, on both sides. Maybe you like stuff a little on the kinky side? Kazari has got you covered. Also, Minato hates tsuns. Enough said. Which of course means, yes, that's right, NO TSUNS in this game!
  5. Hainiryuun

    Typos and Quality Control

    FYI, the patch breaks saves. If you load at a non-choice, you get a garbage line. Whenever you jump back via the backlog, you get a garbage line at what you jumped back to, as well. When loading at a choice, the choices are always garbled text. When selecting a choice (I tried at a confession choice), the game crashes.
  6. I avoid plotge like the plague. Anything with major drama I don't wanna touch with a 10 foot pole. Also, Himari is best girl. Himari > Misaki > Rina > Yuzuyu for girls and routes.
  7. Hainiryuun

    Missing CG after decision in Mochizuki route?

    Not even really odd, per se. Everything before the blank space are normal CGs. Everything after the break are H-scene replays. On that note, though, I can't figure out how to unlock whatever song #28 is.
  8. Hainiryuun

    Fureraba release

    So, having finished all 4 routes now, I must say, Fureraba is one of the best moege I've ever played. A solid 9.3/10, losing points only to pre-route Yuzuyu and Rina having slightly too much H, for my tastes. Outside of a couple typos and the 1 unTL'd line, I thought this was a pretty good release. Looking forward to Sanoba Witch when it comes out.
  9. Hainiryuun

    Missing CG after decision in Mochizuki route?

    http://seiya-saiga.com/game/smee/friendlover_hd.html Here is the JP version of the walkthrough. Dunno if anyone has bothered TLing it yet.
  10. Hainiryuun

    Fureraba release

    I'm enjoying Fureraba quite a lot. Watching Himari get embarrassed and turn into a pile of moe goop every 5 seconds is wayyy to fun.
  11. Hainiryuun

    Resume Downloads

    Albeit slow, the parts download worked perfectly for me. Thanks for you hard work and quick support to get things working!
  12. Hainiryuun

    Resume Downloads

    Yep still happening here, as well.
  13. Hainiryuun

    Resume Downloads

    I'm having issues, as well. Only getting between 600-800KB/s and it is just random failing. I've tried it with Edge, Chrome and FF. Issue is the same on all the browsers, so it's not browser related. It also failed at different percentages, as well, so it's not failing at a specific point, either. I've got gigabit speeds, so only getting 600-800KB/s is not normal for me.
  14. Hainiryuun

    Fureraba release

    Keep running into issues with the download failing partway through. Guess I'll try again in a few hours...
  15. It's Sanoba Witch and it's not even particularly close.