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  1. Redcomet

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    To be fair it hard to say, if they really atrocious without seeing them. Know if it something the artists feel ashamed due their quality of those image begin not up to par to their standard than that valid reason to not do a unmosaic release, an I would gladly give up on asking for possible unmosaic release for Yuzusoft title.Since if the artist feel that way than, like you said the artist should be allowed to stop their work begin present in a way they don't like. Same applied if it's Yuzusoft as a whole that have those thought in this matter. Now if it's something that doesn't bother them. An the decision is instead coming from perspective on customer reaction to their quality ,than it worth a try to do a unmosaic along with the mosaic release. To see if customer who want unmosaic release are okay with the quality of unmosaic image that they do have.
  2. Redcomet

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    People who are used to mosaic sometime prefer mosaic over low quality unmosaic image as I brought complain that were have on Funbag Fantasy, so your somewhat right about that. But then again those who are completely used to unmosaic release, still seem to have not mind low quality image though. Which is why assumed for that crowd a low quality image will not be problem. Still I do not know how bad the quality of Sanoba unmosaic image, is compare to it. At such the quality could be low enough were unmosaic people draw a line, as you have said. I think it's not likely, but it still a possibility . While I prefer non-mosaic release I have gotten used them, were they don't bother me too much. So it's not going to stop support of this title or future title with mosaic, that I find interesting from Nekonyan. Especially since I have supported a lot title with mosaic release before. I just ask because if that the issue it may worth trying to release of unmosaic release anyways. Now if the reason is instead of artist or company desired either not wanting the art work seen a way that they believe look bad or due to fear of legal problem from reverse importing unmosaic title in japan. Then I would have silently support the release, since the possibility of unmosaic release is zero those making any suggesting for it a pointless effort. But if it just believe that image provide by the company to be too low quality to worth releasing they could try to do unmosaic release patch or something an see if it worth pursuing based on the reaction on the quality of those images from those who like unmosaic release have.Still hype for the release anyways, though I am going to wait until to release of the physical version. Since they state on the blog while they are trying to release at the same time as the digital version, there is a good chance it would not be ready by that date and thus would have later release date.
  3. Redcomet

    Titles with mosaics/nothing underneath

    I am planning on buying Sanoba as soon the physical edition you mention become available to purchase, as this is not a deal breaker for me especially with the offering of a physical release. But how bad can the quality under the mosaic be. Since title like Funbag Fantasy which is said to have bad quality genitalia compare to other uncensored title. Still seem to have been positively receive by people who prefer unmosaic release like myself as still preferable to the mosaic alternative. . At such I think people who prefer unmosaic release would not care that much for low quality image underneath the mosaic , as for most them the mosaic will always look more distracting than any low quality image.