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  1. badtownspeople

    Dungeon of Regalias ~Haitoku no Miyako Ishgalia~

    You have to use Textractor to open the game whenever you play it, because without Japanese emulation being turned on the game can't find its own files. Also textractor will think it has hooked the game when it opens it, but sometimes I find that after I have the game running, I need to fully close textractor, then open it again and have it hook the game again in order to actually start getting text.
  2. badtownspeople

    Dungeon of Regalias ~Haitoku no Miyako Ishgalia~

    I can see this is an old thread, but just in case anyone finds it off of google, I feel like it might help to answer Punlord's Question: It took me a while to find the fix. The problem is, a North American system's "Windows Install Guard" can't handle files that have Japanese names. So when you installed it, a lot of the files didn't get installed, including the one its mad it can't find. The solution: Step1: Go to the folder you were installing from. The one that has "setup" in it. Copy all the files, and paste them into the folder you installed to. It's a silly problem and it has a silly solution. Step 2: Get Textractor. You need it, or some other program that is capable of Emulating a Japanese Locale when you run the game. The added advantage of using Text tractor is that it can put the game in English for you.,