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  1. Any news about it? will be canceled? or it will be released maybe the next year?
  2. I don't have problems waiting meanwhile it don't end up canceled :3 Then a physical release for this game will be a dependent of how aokana sells?
  3. Any news or it will be canceled? :/
  4. Toshibe

    Yuzusoft Artbooks

    If you want buy them in physical just buy using a proxy service. you can pick some second hand stuff pretty cheap in websites like mandaranke, suruga-ya, etc. I´m use proxy service to buy my things, because in chile sellers who sell anime/manga things are pretty expensive.
  5. Toshibe

    Yuzusoft Artbooks

    Why no try to use a proxy service to buy them?
  6. Toshibe

    August announcements!

    Thanks. Also "Is there going to be a physical release as well? Yes." I´m gonna buy it then :3
  7. Toshibe

    August announcements!

    Any chance to release Aokana translation in nintendo switch?
  8. Toshibe

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    I don't have problem with crowdfunding, but I like know how would be the pledges. I mean some developers make crowdfunding to their project but sometimes if you want the physical edition your must buy the all digital stuff first then you can buy the physical rewards. Honestly I still don't buy the digital game because I´m save my money for the physical, also I don´t have the enough money to buy a game two times. Anyway, I don't have problem waiting meanwhile the physical project does not being up cancelled. (I´ve waited for the physical Vita of Rabi-Ribi for two years) Also, is much better take the time in business and don´t make something bad by the hurry.
  9. Toshibe

    Cute Resort ~Shiyou yo♥ Ecchi na Activity~

    Right, also this "fandisc" only share all characters from the previous titles.
  10. Welp, I made this post because I read than some Japanese developers hates foreigners :/ By this reason I want tell you guys about some groups like Digital Cute than don't hate foreigners. Digital Cute is going to localize the shooting game Burunyanman worldwide in Steam. I talked a few times with them in twitter and them seems pretty friendly. For the same reason I want put this game in the wishlist, Digital Cute have a few games and them are only visual novels type eroge except by Burunyanman. I´m have the physical of Burunyaman and I like it and it also have a psp port and they also they plan made a switch port too, so I assume that their work is pretty good and decent. For the same reason I want request this title, to be honest I don´t know how is the game plot leaving aside the description but it looks pretty cute visually and have a length of 10 - 30 hours. And considering they are pretty friendly maybe make business with them may not be difficult. At least for my I would pay for this game. PS: I hope you guys can understand me, my english grammar isn't the best because I speak spanish.
  11. At least for me I don´t have problem waiting, I waited for the physical vita version of rabi-ribi for two years and now it was released a few days ago. The only thing that worries me is about the quantity, like if it will be a pretty limited like a game from Limited Run Games in were the PO are sold out in a few minutes (1-3). Or if it will be a open pre-order in where I must don't worry about the quantity. In summary I don't want miss it.
  12. how much will increased the price in the physical release? I mean, I must pay for the physical plus the digital? or the digital comes as "gift"? I asked it because I´m not live in USA, so I must pay double shipping. (I´m use PO BOX in Miami) If I buy something directly from USA to Chile, the shipping will be cost over 40/60 USD, without tracking and I run the risk someone steal my copy in my postal office. So I want keep in mind it. EDIT: my error, I believed that the steam key are not free and I must pay it like a bundle pack. Sekai Project and others company make it sometimes, I remember wanted buy the physical version of certain game but they only sell it in a bundle pack.
  13. So 0 possibility to buy only the physical?
  14. Toshibe

    New theory about NekoNyan

    I have 3 theory: 1- nekonyan staff are bots paid by sekai project or denpasoft to ruin self 2- the leader of nekonyan is nothing more and nothing less than... Monokuma, after danganronpa series comes to the end in V3 and kodaka-san left spike schunsoft, he lost his job and after job in some fast foods restaurant him decide make to fall in despair the delay joke and denpasoft staff. 3- A random dude from 2ch/4ch who only want troll us.
  15. I wonder if denpasoft and sekai project will continue selling adult patch separately. Now there ain't no excuses to sell games without the adult content.