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  1. Would definitely be cool to see Karenai Sekai.
  2. Seems to be a form for sending questions and stuff to some Yuzusoft live radio show.
  3. ArgentstR

    When will be new announcements?

  4. I wonder if that means something is happening soon, there hasn't been any news about it since the first "announcement" 2.5 years ago I think.
  5. For "Aokana" and "Hello Lady!" that seems to be the case, according to their respective pages.
  6. ArgentstR

    Request for another Smee VN

    Now there's another one coming up too.
  7. ArgentstR

    Aokana overseas announcement

    Yeah, the first announcement said there would "likely" be an overseas release, NekoNyan's announcement got delayed, and now Sprite is saying there "will" be an announcement soon. It certanly has me crossing my fingers that it's not just a coincidence.
  8. ArgentstR

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    Atleast there is hope that the other one is Aokana though. (Anything's fine as long as Sakuragame doesn't get Aokana really. Them getting Fortissimo has me all paranoid)