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    Otome * Domain

    Publisher: Palette Qualia, Smile Artists: Tatekawa Mako, Komowata Haruka Short Summary: Trap deals with pervert, chunnibyo, and a lethal chef in an all girls school. What first drew me toward Otome Domain was the chibis done by Komowata. I've been a fan of her art ever since trying out Dracu-RIOT. However, I discovered that this is actually quite an interesting VN. For starters, the protagonist is voiced, which is pretty rare. He's very down-to-earth, which foils for the oddball heroines quite nicely. It looks to be relatively low-drama, which is a plus for me. The comedy aspect looks to be top notch though. My only reservation about this VN is that the facial expressions/poses don't appear to change during voiced sections. But it's something I can live with. I know you have a lot on your plate already, NekoNyansoft, but if you could consider this I'd be very grateful. (I'm not very good at making summaries or explaining myself, so I did the best I could.) VNDB: https://vndb.org/v18149
  2. I'd like to request a rough estimate on price and what it might contain. My close friend just had his birthday and I said I'd get him Sanoba Witch once it came out. Thought I might surprise him with the Limited Edition. That being said I'd probably need to save up for it, and having a rough estimate would help me budget. EDIT: It occurs to me this might not be the correct place to ask this. If an admin could move it to the correct area, I'd be grateful.
  3. CrazyYanmega

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Is there a point in asking about them since you've already done Sanoba Witch? If we still need to ask for them, I'd like to request Riddle Joker and Amairo Islenauts. Sadly, Dracu-RIOT and Senren Banka have been licenced by Sekai Project and thus will never see the light of day in the West.
  4. Ofusa-san from Dracu-RIOT. While Elina is still best girl, I AM curious about what it's like for a normal human living in Aqua Eden, and I feel like an Ofusa route could have provided some insight on that. Azusa doesn't count, she has fairly heavy ties to vampires, being the dorm manager for a bunch of them and being part of the onmyo division to boot.
  5. And it will be on DVD.
  6. CrazyYanmega

    Yuzusoft Artbooks

    http://www.yuzu-soft.com/book_dl.html Any chance of these beauties entering your capable hands, Nekonyan? You guys do have rights to 2 out of the 3 available series.
  7. CrazyYanmega

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    I believe this counts as double posting or something but I don't care: Yuzusoft is selling keychains of every main yuzusoft heroine chibi, but they have jitome eyes. I need it and now you do too.
  8. CrazyYanmega

    Yuzusoft Artbooks

    They're in moonspeak and I can't read that I wanted to take japanese lessons but my parents said "no, you're learning spanish." Then they got mad when I started ordering entirely in spanish at mexican restaurants. ALSO THESE EXIST I NEEEEEEEED THEM
  9. Wondering if there's any news on this front.
  10. CrazyYanmega

    Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    You realize being a moody little troll isn't going to make people inclined to obey you, right? I feel if mosaics are the single issue one really cares about, you weren't gonna enjoy the vn anyway. If people want them removed, fine. But I don't think it's really something worth investing too much time and money over.
  11. It would be nice to have it updated more regularly. Maybe the first and third Wednesday of every month?
  12. CrazyYanmega

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    I actually did ask Sekai Project. Several times. And they kinda just blew me off every time. Sorry about the repeated questions, I'm just very confused by all this.
  13. CrazyYanmega

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

  14. CrazyYanmega

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Why would Yuzusoft give SP the licence if they didn't want them to release though...? And the translation is pretty complete. A little rough around the edges here and there, but complete.
  15. CrazyYanmega

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Looking forward to the first update of 2019.
  16. CrazyYanmega

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    ...? I've completed Dracu-Riot though... Every route. Including Miu's. It was all in English. EDIT: This is partly why I'm baffled at Sekai Project taking so long to release Dracu Riot. They had a practically finished project dropped in their laps. And then... nothing. Lost in the woods. Eaten by a Wendigo. Gone.
  17. CrazyYanmega

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    It did get fully translated, but not completely proofread and stuff. Someone in the group released it early, possibly because they saw the Sekai acquisition coming. Something like this happened with the very first Dracu-Riot translation it seems. And history ended up repeating itself. That being said. I DO want an official translation. Dracu-Riot is my favorite VN, and Elina is my favorite heroine.
  18. Some kind of questionaire, but translations aren't working. Anyone know japanese and willing to tell me if something interesting is going on? http://www.yuzu-soft.com/new/yuzu_nama.html
  19. CrazyYanmega

    RIP Fureraba 100% steam positive review

    I'd like to point out that the reviewer didn't necessarily play 60 hours. They could have quite easily just left the program open when they went to bed or something.
  20. CrazyYanmega

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Alright, it's been a month and a half. Project Progress should probably be updated soon.
  21. CrazyYanmega

    December Announcements!

    You sneaky sons of- Dagnabbit you blew away both my holiday blues AND my sleepyness!
  22. CrazyYanmega

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    Have you considered having a window for physical releases? Then at the end of the window you order/manufacture the items and ship them out? That way you don't overstock and don't need to crowdfund to gauge interest.
  23. CrazyYanmega

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    I really am quite worried about the financial state of NekoNyan, as I really don't want you guys to go under. I am against the crowdfunding thing, partially because of what was said earlier by other people, but also because you promised not to in your very first blogpost. Doing so would cause a drop in confidence in the company.
  24. CrazyYanmega

    Anyone playing any RPGs?

    Labyrinth of Refrain has been a fun dungeon crawler RPG. Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams has been scratching my Pokmon itch.