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  1. I've been a visual novel fan for a long time now and literally no one I know in real life has a clue what they are until I explain them. Does anyone here have a discord and want to chat about them?
  2. Periah250

    New theory about NekoNyan

    Thats just your dream.
  3. So I started thinking recently and I decided it needed to be said. I think NekoNyan is actually one person and that is nebneb. He just made several accounts and says they're his coworkers but here's the thing. has anyone ever seen more than one in a room? Has anyone even seen them in a room? Do they exist or are they just one big AI?
  4. Periah250

    Hello guys

    Land of burgers, human rights violations and plenty of racists. But anyway do you have a facebook messenger or such for easier or quicker communications?
  5. Periah250

    Hello guys

    You're in europe?
  6. Periah250

    Hello guys

    Hey if you'd like we could chat about Vns with each other at length?
  7. Periah250

    Hello guys

    I only really read most of one route and then just skipped through the rest to collect the H-scenes.
  8. Periah250

    Hello guys

    Well I mean it was a moega what were we expecting? Another steins;gate?
  9. Periah250

    Hello guys

    wagamama had good art but the story and writing really couldnt keep me hooked at all. and kirakira is a brief and fun ride and while i wouldn't classify it a moega I would classify it a charage
  10. Periah250

    Hello guys

    hey there's nothing wrong with moega on occasion
  11. Periah250

    Tayutama 2?

    Well at least its not canceled and I can wait for it patiently.
  12. Periah250

    Lunaris Filia ~Kiss to keyaku to shinku no hitomi~

    Ohh so never even if it is announced.
  13. Periah250

    Hello guys

    I see your more for the story driven vns and sadly there arent many of those translated. Im currently waiting on Chaos;head Noah and damn was chaos;child amazing.
  14. Hey look another slice of life moega, and you know what I like Moega like that as much as I like games like muv-luv and chaos;child. Also this game has a cute maid girl so this has my vote. Opening movie ( I don't know how to embed a video I'm sorry)
  15. Periah250

    Hello guys

    Hello ^^ welcome to the community. May I ask what titles you've played and or are playing at the moment? and oh my is that best waifu Arimura I spy?